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Online thrift stores are the ‘new in’. So you take the expensive dresses, footwear, purses, cosmetics, or basically anything you buy for yourself and resell it. Of course, it is for thrift stores, so you buy it at a way lesser cost than what you got it for.

Usually, the prices earned from the thrift stores are donated to charities. Well, that is a foreign concept. But now, the online stores for this purpose employing the platforms of Instagram and Facebook are becoming a thing for Pakistan as well. While the goal may not be the same as donating to charity, they are getting quite popular.

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So we have assembled a list of 5 stores that you can definitely try out. Not only do they seem legit, but the products shown are also in relatively good condition.

1. Girly_thrift

With brands ranging from Coco Chanel and Tiffany & Co. to so many more. The page seems new with only slightly above 30 posts on the account, but all the products are branded, and quite luxury brands at that. They also have cash on delivery service all over Pakistan.

2. Karachi Thrift Store

You might not find a lot of shoes at a lot of thrift stores, but with nationwide delivery, this store provides a vast range of shoes as well.

3. ItsPreloved

This store even has its own website. And even though thrift stores are already at low prices, from time to time, they release discounts as well.

4. Thrift Store Pk

This store has quite a number of footwear as well. Of course, there are other products too. So you might check them out also.


Last but not least, I personally love the tops in this store.

You may want to try these stores. And if you do, do let us know of your experiences. Moreover, if you already do buy from such stores and know of some other great ones, do let us know in the comments.

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