Pakistani Horror TV Shows
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No family gathering ends without a Horror Stories segment! Am I right, or am I right? There will always be that one cousin or uncle with a tonne of horror stories in stock, real or not. These stories are still fun in their way because no matter how scared you are, you always sit till the end. But have you seen any Pakistani Horror TV shows recently? They are few but still a good watch. So let’s discuss some Pakistani Horror TV Shows!

1. Belapur ki Dayan

Top of the list, ‘Belapur ki Dayan.’ The drama aired on HUM TV and cast includes Sarah Khan and Amar Khan in pivotal roles. Sarah Khan, the haunted, and Amar, as the Dayan. The story goes somewhat like this that Neelofur, played by Amar, was wronged by her stepbrother. Her spirit wanders in the abandoned house upon her death.

When her stepbrother returns with his family after winning the court battle, the angry mind starts taking revenge. Other than Neelofur, there were other spirits as well, but the scariest I found was when a lady is offering prayers, and through the corner of her eye, she seems one else praying as well. Amar Khan superbly played the role that most of my sympathies (when she was not scaring the hell out of me) were with her.

2. Dil Nawaz

If the chemistry between a human and a jinn is going to be like this, I don’t think people would run away from them. And if the jinn is going to be this pretty, then what are we afraid of really? The drama Dil Nawaz aired on A Plus and had Neelam Muneer with Wahaj Ali has the main cast.

Honestly, I loved the jinn in it more than any other character. It was pretty impressive seeing how a jinn, controlled by some women, tries to scare off a man who does get a little scared but refuses to run away. It is a story about a jinn falling in love with that man. And the cute moments that follow are the highlight of the drama. But do not disregard the horror because if you fall for a jinn, be ready to dream about your funeral with white dressed people surrounding you.

3. Dareecha

At number 3 we have Dareecha, another horror show. This drama aired on ARY Digital in the year 2011. The story is primarily about black magic. And you know where black magic is involved, there will be some bone-chilling experience. Fazeela Qazi and Sana Askari were in the lead roles.

4. Lal Mai

Lal Mai is a Pakistani drama that aired on AAJ entertainment. It stars Sana Fakhar, Shamil Khan, and Taqi Ahmed, among others. The story involves equal drama, supernatural, and a little bit of the signature blanket snatching. Because are they ghosts if they don’t feel cold in the air conditioner?

And oh yes, the creepy looking uncle whose smile unnerves everyone but in the end, he will be the one helping out obviously. Oops, was that a spoiler? Sorry. Regardless, the story gives us chills, especially the part where the kid is in danger.

5. Bandish

Never flirt with a woman if you a girlfriend on the side. She will remember this even 30 years later and prepare her sister to trap you romantically to ruin your married life. Oh, and also, learn black magic to unleash a pet jinn onto your daughters so they can’t get married. So be a bit manly and stop two-timing, please.

Bandish stars Marina Khan, Sajid Hasan, Hira Salman (Hira Mani), and of course, the black magic practician played by Farah Shah. So anyway, next time you see your little sister or daughter talking to some invisible being in the corner of the room, ask yourself if you pissed anyone off.

I would also like to make an honorary mention when discussing Pakistani Horror TV Shows. Remember the old PTV times? It used to air Haqeeqat. Now, I do not remember the entire story, but I do know that it was horror, horror enough to leave an imprint on my mind. Twenty years later, discussing horror TV shows, Haqeeqat is the first thing I remember.

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