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International Women’s Day has gotten quite a lot of recognition in recent years ever since women have started speaking up for themselves. So upon this day, brands decided to acknowledge women in general by curating numerous campaigns. Joining this trend were some digital campaigns of Pakistan. We decided to choose the best five and make a list out of them.

Digital Campaigns For Women’s Day

1. Colgate Palmolive

On the international women’s day of the year 2021, Colgate Palmolive decided to work with Syra Yousuf and choose to challenge some notions that women face in their everyday life. These are the three beauty stereotypes they are addressing: the unrealistic beauty standards and the idea that women want to look flawless to be accepted, harsh words that leave scars deeper than other wounds, and the ‘weight of expectations to be a certain size’.

2. KFC

On the occasion of women’s day, they decided to take pride in the existence of women. It said that the women who choose to challenge, inspire, achieve new heights, behind all of them, are that women themselves, not anyone else. So instead of giving the credit to someone else, it’s those women who should get it.

3. Domino’s

Domino’s chose to inspire others by featuring its own female workforce. This is an inspiring ad because most people assume a woman can either teach or work a desk job. But through this, they should someone working at the counter, someone making a pizza, and someone else upholding the quality level of the products.

4. Lifebuoy

The public service message by is not only creative but also gives you goosebumps. Lifebuoy ads are famous for featuring the relationship of a mother and a daughter. They maintain the tradition, but here they convey a powerful message that they do not have to stay silent about domestic violence.

5. CCL

The ad acknowledges working women’s struggles by taking on the example of a full-time doctor who got stranded away from her family during the lockdown. It tells you that women’s struggle is not limited to excelling at work because they also want to be emotionally and physically present for their loved ones.

These were only some of the creative digital campaigns of this year. Many other print and TVC campaigns acknowledged and embraced women. But we have to internalize the messages conveyed to us today and remember them for the next 364. Only then can we ensure no woman gets affected by toxic masculinity in the public and private sphere.

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