Trollers love to troll. Give them any content, and they will make sure they start trolling people. The celebrities become the most trolled considering their reach. But as the year comes to an end, we decided to see if we, as a nation, were nice to at least some of the Pakistani celebrities. And it turns out, some own up their stardom, and since they own it with grace, people love them. Here is a list of people who we loved in 2020.

1. Saba Qamar

That one actress who is truly a talent. Saba Qamar doesn’t just stick to the mainstream stories because she has always branched out and done unique roles. Take digest writer and cheekh as examples. And not just acting, her modeling works have been absolutely mind-blowing.

2. Bilal Abbas Khan

A co-star of Saba Qamar in Cheekh, Bilal Abbas did not choose the best of dramas considering that he was a part of Pyaar Kay Sadqay. But his character in the drama, he executed it perfectly. Overall, he had a good year.

3. Mahira Khan

No cigarettes scandal this year. In fact, she did an ad where she danced at a rendition of Allama Iqbal’s poem, and people loved it. Plus, she long flowy dresses suit her so much that people have no choice other than falling in love with her. And this year, be it the poem ad, nanhi pari ad, the smartphone ad, she has opted for more of the flowy dresses.

4. Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf Awan has struggled a lot, but now that he has reached the heights he always wanted to, he continues to produce great work. If we are listing down people we don’t hate; we can never forget Imran Ashraf.

5. Ahad Raza Mir

Sajal and Ahad are the names that come to us just like the top of mind effect. People who everyone just loves; of course, Ahad and Sajal. But people could not understand Sajal’s choice of clothes as she received an international award, so that we couldn’t add her to the list.

These are just some people whom we think deserve to be on this list. If you don’t agree with us or you think someone else should also be added, let us know in the comments.

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