Pakistani vloggers and bikers
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Pakistan is not any less in talent when it comes to automobiles and motorcycles, with experts almost in every neighborhood. From experts who know what is wrong with a vehicle, to those who know how to fix motorcycles, the country has it all. Of course, when it comes to motorcycles, Pakistani people have quite a lot of expertise and experience. Due to it being an economical and budget friendly way to commute, a lot of people prefer to keep at least one motorcycle in their home.

However, there are also those who use their motorcycle to travel all across the country. Whether it is from city to city, up in the northern mountains or even within the city, these people are extremely passionate. No matter where they go, they always tend to cheer up the people around them, and they log their video travels. Yes, there are quite a few Pakistani bikers who share their adventures.

1. WildLens by Abrar

He is one of the most famous bikers of Pakistan. You can often see him posting videos about traveling to new and exciting places. He makes sure to log every moment of his journey and makes his viewers feel like they are present at the location. Not only that, but he makes videos of crossing the country borders too. Check out some of his work on Youtube!

2. Ali Soomro Official

Now here we have a person who certainly knows their way around a motorcycle. Whether it is travelling inside the city or going to another city, Ali Soomro does it well. He always travels prepared for emergencies and logs every moment of his traveling life with his fans. His YouTube channel is quite a treat to watch for Pakistanis who love bikes and the thrill they bring.

3. ZS MotoVlogs 

This YouTube channel comprises of Zeeshan, a doctor by profession, who loves to travel from one place to another, bringing the world outside straight to your home. Whether it is a rainy day or a sunny one, you’d find him taking his bike out and exploring the world.

4. Farru MotoVlogs

While he is still a rising star, he certainly puts effort into his videos and makes sure the people are able to see it. He often comes across obstacles while logging his video that all of us bikers have faced in cities. These can be from a policeperson stopping them to a flat tire in the middle of the road.

5. H.S Sharjeel – Pakistani Biker

Here we have yet another underrated yet talented Pakistani biker. He makes his video logs travelling from one location to another, often times deep into the province. You can see him showcase the world around him with much enthusiasm. Do check out his page if you are an avid biker or a fan of them!

These bikers waste no minute to always go out on new adventures and bring the scenery straight to the people.

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