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Everyone has a form of escape that they use. For some, it’s curling up with a good book, for others, it is watching movies. We tend to look for means of escapes when we wish to have a little relaxation and a break. There are even outdoor activities associated with extracurriculars.

Well, most of the activities used to be outdoor before coronavirus hit the world – One of the biggest things to take place during the year 2020, and now 2021, is gaming. An enormous amount of people have moved towards online gaming because of being forced indoors.

However, this activity has gone and taken such a rise that it’s only going up from here on. Of course, just like everything, there are trends within concepts. Gaming trends have become quite common now. Due to the player base, it is even becoming a thing to have innovations in gaming.

Gaming trends and innovations
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1. First Person Shooters:

According to a report derived and statistics taken, first-person shooters are the second most played types. The first being casual single players, story-driven games are becoming more and more popular too. However, returning to online gaming, games like counter strike and call of duty are being widely played.

People want to interact in online gaming sessions and forge new friendships. It is always fun to gather in a discord lobby and play a zombie apocalypse online game. This shows that Gaming is not only stepping forward but stepping in huge bounds too!

2. Professional Gaming:

If you are familiar with the concept of competitive gaming, you must know about famous players. So what exactly made them famous? Yes, they took on gaming as a profession.

This is yet another trend that is going high during 2021. At least 38% of the gaming community wants to go for professional gaming. Imagine playing games on behalf of a team and hitting it high when you win!

Online gaming trends 2021
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3. Immersive Gaming:

These days, AI is being incorporated more and more into gaming. When players win a round, a track of cheer or motivation is played in the background. This not only boosts the morale of players but keeps them hooked for the long run. This is AI at work in Gaming because they are learning from your play style.

Additionally, there are games where the AI learns more from the player than the opponent. So if you try to use the same trick to fool the AI many times, maybe next time it’ll be anticipating your move. ‘Alien: Isolation’ is a game with such a form of AI.

4. Rise In E-Sports:

As more and more people are sitting and working from home, they have become hooked to online Gaming. Similarly, people want to follow their favorite E-Sports and teams. E-Sports completion and cups have become a regular trend now.

Just the other day, a CSGO match showed ‘Navi’ beating ‘Astralis’ by a margin (Yes, both of these are teams). This, yet again, shows how well E-Sports have developed in 2021.

Online gaming trends now
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5. Mobile Gaming Has Increased:

PC gaming and console gaming is not the only type to trend in 2021. Mobile gaming has also become quite a famous and common thing. Rapid plays of ‘Among Us’ or ‘PUBG Mobile’ are the new trend among mobile gamers.

These trends show that online gaming is not only on a swift rise but intends to keep doing that for quite a while now. The writer of the article also prefers to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive every day or so!

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