cars and changes to old ones
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It is possible to keep cars running for decades, provided they are under good care. If they are regularly maintained, they will never give the driver any trouble. However, sometimes you might find cars that are old and busted. However, you might still want to buy them because, despite the faults, they are good cars. So, if you have a decent budget and you want to build and make a car roadworthy, there are a few changes you can do.

Imagine that you come across a Suzuki Khyber or a Toyota Corolla with a busted engine. The engine needs to be repaired or replaced otherwise the car won’t run. Now, with a budget in hand, how can you build such a car? How can you build it in a way that it continues to run for many years afterward?

1. Engine Upgrade

As we mentioned above, you might find a good quality car with a busted engine. Now, if you find a Toyota Corolla 1.3L variant, you can always put in a new similar engine or you can upgrade to the 1.6L engine as well. Similarly, there are enthusiasts who have replaced the 1.0L engine in a Suzuki Cultus with a 1.3L engine. They have also replaced carburettor engines with the EFI engine. These changes will surely give the busted car a new life.

2. Transmission Change for Cars

Many times, there are engines that are compatible with both manual and automatic transmission. However, they come with a stock manual transmission. A nifty change you can make to a car with a worn-out transmission, is to change it with an automatic one. A lot of people have managed to alter the transmission from manual to automatic for ease of use and comfortable driving. Daihatsu Cuore, Suzuki Cultus, and Toyota Indus Corolla have all seen such changes.

3. Interior Upgrade

You might come across cars that are perfectly running but they have torn and busted interiors. In such a case, you can always upgrade to better seats and dashboards. An old mehran can always have better quality seats fit inside it, since the default seats are practically wooden boards.

4. Various Kits for Cars

A lot of cars here can go through rusting. Rusting is one of the biggest reasons for cars not running long. It can always be good to upgrade the bumpers, fenders and side skirts of rusted vehicles. Not only does it give the vehicle a fresh look, it feels pleasing to the eye.

That said, it is important to note that you should always get such work done through a professional.

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