5 New Restaurants In Karachi You Need To Try Out
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Summer is here, and so is the excuse to eat out and enjoy Karachi’s fresh breeze. But what if you are tired of dining in the same spots and want to try something new. If you are looking for new places to try out in Karachi, keep reading and taking notes. Here are the five new restaurants which you need to try this season.

1. Wang Wang 

Wang Wang is located on the rooftop in the Khayaban-e-Sehar Phase 6. This place is a perfect spot, given the panoramic views if you want to enjoy the Chinese hotpot with some laidback vibes. The Chinese hotpot comes with a wide variety of sides to create a hotpot of your choice. Not only that, Wang Wang offers a variety of food to suit everyone’s taste buds.

2. Clock Tower Restaurant

Clock tower restaurant was just launched last week. However, the reviews are already pouring in. Located at the main Seaview-Ittehad intersection, Clock tower was the most anticipated restaurant since it was in the works. With both indoor and outdoor seating available, the clock tower restaurant provides the best views of the ocean.

5 New Restaurants In Karachi You Need To Try Out
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3. Colette By Xanders

Xanders baby sister, Colette, was launched last year, but it still is a go-to for many Karachities. The amalgamation of indoor-outdoor seating is the perfect restaurant choice when you do not want to dine outside on the road. The vibrant hues of blue and red tones are Instagram-worthy for your next photo session. The french creperie place has the best desserts if you enjoy some intense sweet tooth.

5 New Restaurants In Karachi You Need To Try Out
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4. Meat Me Outside

Craving some burgers? Meat me outside is one of the new burger joints you need to try out—a wide variety of flavors with options in both meat and chicken. Meat me Outside serves everything from starters to pizzas. The best part? They deliver till 2 am, so if you want to plan a sleepover and order some food. You know where to stop.

5 New Restaurants In Karachi You Need To Try Out
Image source: foodplanet.com

5. Big Tree House Restaurant 

The big tree house was another product of the pandemic, which requires an outdoor dining experience. Giving off the nature vibes, this restaurant is the perfect balance of nature and food. Brownie points to this restaurant for providing a spacious location if you want to plan a birthday surprise for your friends or someone special.

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