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Zombie shows have a weird attraction for me. It could be the fact that the human body doesn’t die. Or it could be the character development shown most of the time when someone has to put down a loved-one-turned-zombie. Or it could be the survival tactics the characters have to employ during apocalypse. Whatever the reason be, we love it. So, it is a blessing if you find them in the form of Netflix shows.

Let’s list down a few of those Netflix shows, shall we?

1. Kingdom

A South Korean show, Kingdom became extremely famous even amongst those people who do not like the Korean wave. It has no hint of romance but jealousy and revenge are the foundation of the show making it the most favourite of numerous Pakistanis as well.

2. iZombie

The plot in iZombie defied the markers of what attracts me the most. The show was about how the zombie retained her consciousness and was striving to adapt to the human-zombie lifestyle.

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Did she? Or did she lost it? Watch and let us know too!

3. Z Nation

Z Nation is about a band of travellers who meet at different points and now, strive to survive. Just like the Walking Dead, but this one brings a comic touch to the serious story.

4. Sweet Home

Another South Korean show that was a hit in Pakistan as well the moment it got released. Sweet Home is only one season long as of yet and shows the struggle of a boy as he fights the monster in himself.

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Others in his group also fight their own monsters all the while fighting the zombie monsters emerging. The most scary part about this one is that people would turn into zombies without being killed first.

5. Van Helsing

What zombies, what vampires, what history, what magic? Let’s pool it all up and do it in a way that everyone loves. Et voila, we have Van Helsing! Not only will you love the main character, Vanessa, but you will also fall for her daughters and how they overcome their personal and supernatural differences to work together.

Give all of these a watch and let us know which one you liked the best. And if you know shows that can qualify for this list, let us know.

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