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Assuming something to be present in the vacuum is in our nature. If an object that looked like a broken square were put in front of us, even if it were initially curated like that, our brain would assume that a square existed there at some point in time. This is just how our brains are wired. And so, when news about the vaccine for a pandemic that had been haunting the world for a year surfaced, but no one built on it further, people started forming myths and beliefs about something that had no base.

Myth 1: The Pfizer vaccine can change human DNA?

Some people are claiming that the mRNA technology that is being used in the vaccine can change the DNA. According to the myth, 75% of the volunteers in the vaccine trials have experienced side effects.


Before we get down to debunking this myth, here is a fun fact; your RNA is in constant motion, and because of that, every 7 years, our DNA signature gets completely altered anyway.

To debunk the myth, let’s go into detail about how the mRNA technology in the vaccine really works. It will be using Covid 19’s genetic code. When the vaccine is injected, the immune system will recognize the virus and start producing and firing antibodies to tackle it. This is the work of the mRNA, not changing the DNA in this instance at least.

As for the stats (75%) for the adverse effects, they were fatigue (9.7%), pain (4.1%), headache (4.5%), and redness (2.0%)

Myth 2: the vaccine was created fast. Is it dangerous?

Some people have put forward that it takes several years to develop a vaccine. But a medical industry stakeholder explained that this results in due to the vaccine producers who decide whether they are going to go ahead after each interval. But covid stands differently here because it is a global pandemic that has wrapped the whole world around it. So no company is evaluating whether to go ahead or not go along with it.

Myth 3: vaccine contains parts of an aborted fetus

Social media can spread many rumors. One rumor was that the vaccine was built from MRC-5 cell lines. These lines were developed from the lung tissue of an aborted caucasian male fetus.

This part is somewhat untrue. Apparently, it has been taken from a different cell strain. The strain was obtained from a female fetus aborted in the 1970s. It helps in propagating the vaccine, but in the final cut, it is not used.

aborted foetus
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Myth 4: The first vaccine trial volunteer has died

The news started circulating that Dr. Elisa Granato has passed away. Dr. Granato was the first one to take part in the vaccine trials. When the story became viral, Dr. Granato tweeted as a response that she is very much alive and having a cup of tea.

Myth 5: Bill Gates is using a vaccine to microchip everyone

And the best conspiracy theory about the vaccine has been that Bill Gates will use the vaccine to put a microchip in the whole world. This has come about due to his active involvement in vaccine development.

Bill Gates has denied all allegations.

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These are just myths about the vaccine. Feel free to add more in the comments.

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