AI won in the films
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Hollywood has shown us quite a lot of movies where humans are in a war against technology. They have showcased how bleak a future can be when a technological apocalypse occurs. The dark side of technology can be portrayed in a lot of media, but we are talking about the times where A.I won!

Yes, not every film has the protagonist emerging victorious towards the end. In many cases, the technology comes out on top too, in such a case, the movie shows us a bleak ending with little hope and we are left wondering if technology is the right direction for us. Nevertheless, if you wish to view these movies, here are some of the best ones.

1. The Terminator Movies

While the movie intends to show us, that humanity has a chance to win in the end, we are never entirely sure of it. This film is set in the 80s and 90s, showing a future in the 21st century where the machines won. We may see at the end of every film that the robot sent from the future was destroyed. However, we see every time that the war between humans and machines rages on.

That said, Terminator is a film franchise to show us the dark future set for humanity once a piece of tech goes sentient.

2. Ex Machina

A film that showcases the future of humans and A.I in quite an interesting way. It also shows that A.I can be much smarter. We will not spoil the essential details for you, but the movie does leave the ending off in a bleak manner. It shows us exactly how well A.I is capable of mimicking human emotions and leading humans on a wild goose chase.

3. Transcendence

A film starring none other than Johnny Depp, it shows a scientist who uploads his consciousness into a super intelligent computer, gaining immense power, but as he evolves, his actions become increasingly ominous and threaten humanity. Towards the end of the movie, we see how much of the human self the technology takes over, leaving little room for hope.

4. The Matrix Movies

One of the movies that is considered quite ahead for its time, shows us how machines took over the humans. It also shows us how sinister the future is for the humans. It also shows us how lack of emotion lets the machines make calculating decisions. While the humans put up a big fight, and we see their impact, the machines do seem to win towards the end. There are fan theories that suggest otherwise but the ending of this franchise remains quite bleak.

5. Avengers – Age of Ultron

We cannot talk about sentient A.I and leave out Avengers from it. This marvel film manages to capture how bleak the future of humanity can be. It shows a sentient A.I free from its chains. While Ultron himself is defeated towards the end, it leaves the film open to interpretation. The interpretation shows us how easy it can be for humanity to lose, should the machines rise.

These movies are certainly worth watching and are worth pondering over.

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