5 Most Popular Dinner Recipes From Around The World

Dinner dishes from around the world
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Eating in is the new eating out. Under the new standard created by the pandemic we are experiencing, the concept of dining and restaurants has changed drastically. Now the effort is mainly at home; people are more invested in what they cook and how they cook it. That means dinner is also made at home nowadays. 

You might be looking for exciting new dinner dishes to try out, or you might want to get a taste of international cuisine. If that’s the case, this list is all you need.

Dinner, for some, is the most prominent meal of the day. It’s when everyone is free, and you get to sit and eat together. A hearty dinner was never the best option for your health, but there’s also nothing like it. Check out these five amazon dinner dishes you can try right now!

1. Albondigas (Meatballs) From Spain

Think meatballs but Spanish! They’re comfortable and quick to make, which means you won’t be feeling too anxious. This hearty dish features a creamy tomato sauce with classic Spanish flavors. They make for a fulfilling meal and it’s also one pot. You can cook Albondigas in either chicken or beef mince according to your preference.

2. Lamb Couscous From Morocco

Morroco— can you imagine the gorgeous neutrals and eccentric tiles? Are you feeling nostalgic or a yearning to travel? Fear not. You can try Moroccan flavors at home with this dish that’ll brighten your mood. The lamb, vegetables, and spices create a gorgeous aroma in your house, which is an added incentive.

The Moroccan style couscous is a delight for tastebuds made even better with dried fruits, nuts, and fresh herbs. The mixture of spices and their smell can also replicate the feel of a Morrocan spice market— must we say more?

3. Grilled Lemon Chicken from Greece

The greek way is a simple way. This greek chicken dish featuring lemon and oregano is a dish with very few ingredients, but it packs a punch—a lovely, mild plate that all members of your family will enjoy. Serve with salad, rice, or grilled vegetables.

4. Falafel from the Middle East

Falafel is a classic street food found across the Middle East, which is speculated to have originated in Egypt. The recipe involves mixing chickpeas, garlic, onion, and spices, then deep-frying in neutral oil. It’s the perfect lightweight dinner that is incredibly flavourful. Pair it with a lemon garlic sauce to have it as it is or enjoy it in shawarma!

5. Cacio e Pepe from Italy

Cacio e Pepe translates to “cheese and pepper,” and those are two of only a half-dozen ingredients you need to make this simple Roman dish (the others are olive oil, butter, salt, and spaghetti). It’s the ultimate comfort food that’s not hard to make, but once you make it, there’s no going back. Taste the maximum flavor in simplicity with this dish!

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