disturbing movies netflix
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If you’re looking to spice up your Netflix choices, look no further than these perfectly disturbing movies that will leave you disoriented for days!

1. Birdbox

‘Bird Box’ is Netflix’s original in which demonic beings have invaded Earth. They take the shape of a person’s worst fear, driving them to insanity and eventual suicide. The film features Sandra Bullock, showing her during the apocalypse of sorts and after.

disturbing movies netflix
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2. I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in The House

This is a horror film in which a writer and her caretaker are shown to keep experiencing supernatural forces in their house. The author in question, Iris Blum, has chronic dementia, so a caretaker has been appointed. 

disturbing movies netflix
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Lily, however, begins noticing shadowy figures of a woman in the house and starts panicking. Over time, the division between fantasy and reality blurs in her eyes as the film becomes more disturbing.

3. Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is a psychological horror based on Stephen King’s novel— you should already know this will be disturbing. It starts on a harmless note when a couple escapes to a remote lake house to spend time. However, the plot takes a turn for the worst when the husband dies unexpectedly, and the wife is left handcuffed to the bed frame.

disturbing movies netflix
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Jessie then meets demons inside the house or her mind as they start tormenting her while she cannot move. 

4. Hush

Another horror film about an author! Maddie Young loses her hearing ability as a teenager, and she moves to a secluded house to write. She lives in utter isolation away from the noise and hassle of society. However, that break doesn’t last long as she unearths a masked killer outside her house. She’s unable to call for help; will she outsmart him?

disturbing movies netflix
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5. The Platform

This Spanish sci-fi horror depicts the story of a multi-storied correctional facility where two inmates are kept on every floor. Food is sent through an elevator-like platform for a few minutes, and inmates can eat whatever they want. 

disturbing movies netflix
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But they can not save anything for later or jump on the platform to escape. If they do, the prison authorities will either boil or freeze them to death by manipulating the cell’s temperature. The film shows how the protagonist tries to change the system through violence. Will he succeed?

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