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Every industry has its industry-specific jokes. And so you will find that the marketing industry has marketing jokes too. But who are the characters most of the time whenever jokes for this sector come up? They could be from the brand side (advertisers as we call them) or an advertising agency that helps the advertiser to do marketing. Sometimes it also includes the customers a product is marketed to. So let’s have a look and be entertained, shall we?

1. The marketing strategy we all know so well

Amateurs would still go for buy one get one free, but all the regular shoppers know that this is just a marketing strategy where they overprice the product and feast on the target market’s psyche. Clever!

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2. We all know who is who

An advertising agency or more like the account handler would be able to relate more to this, considering it’s them who have to deal with the client directly. It is a miracle how the design team is actually able to deliver.

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3. Every marketing campaign ever?

The sad story of every marketing project ever. If you are privy to the origins of a marketing idea, you would know this is exactly how things proceed (well, most of the time). But hey, at least clients get something close to the product they wanted.

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4. When men make marketing campaigns 

Be it selling chocolate, or selling a car, when your marketing team is purely male-centric, this is how they come up with ideas. And they might not be wrong, though, because half of the target audience is always men, and men know what men think.

marketing jokes

5. Everything is amazing, but…

Anyone who has worked in the design department of an advertising agency would relate to it. When the design department has worked according to the brief down to the T, and yet the client goes like, ‘Oh, but can you make the logo one font size bigger?’

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Sometimes these marketing jokes may even get offensive for one party but hey, aren’t all jokes made at the expanse of a particular group? In fact, that’s what makes it funny. But it’s crucial that they do not cross a particular line because we are all grown-ups here, and we should respect others and not create issues. That said, do let us know of any other marketing jokes you may have heard of.

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