1st April
Image Source: Brandsynario

Deriving marketing strategies from trending affairs or international days has become a thing for almost all brands worldwide. One of those days is 1st April where they try to play pranks on the customers. In Pakistan as well, some brands took part in this. And while a few of them played it really well, some were just not liked by the customers.

1. Lays Pakistan

Lays Pakistan pranked saying they are introducing a new flavour, the doodh patti flavour. It could have been really nice but it’s chai they messed with. And well, chai is informally known as our national drink. So those who took it to be real were traumatized. It was until they were told that this was just a prank that they breathed a sigh of relief.

2. Graana

Graana.com, the real estate firm also joined this trend and it seems that they intelligently combined two concepts. So remember that Indian drama clip where the girl wants chand ka tukra to decide who she wants to marry. Graana used that to say they can do it for you. Well played, Graana!

3. Savour Foods

Savour Foods went a step ahead and said that they will deliver by helicopter. This was obviously an April fool prank that people thoroughly enjoyed

4. O’Brownies

If a brand says on 1st April that they are introducing a new product, it is almost always a prank. So if you almost vomited at the Brownie Biryani concept, fret not, because it was just a prank.

5. Zeytin

While some brands pull the prank nicely, some just go into attacking mode. Zeytin was one of them as it attacked KFC. Playing it poorly, they just made KFC customers go all defensive against Zeytin.

Sometimes the strategy works, sometimes it doesn’t. But those whose strategy doesn’t work should be more attentive when deriving them. Or they should take lessons from those who have pulled it off well.

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