COVID-19 life lessons
source: Al-Jazeera

The global pandemic has caused us to reconsider so much in life. Some people have different priorities than they did months ago. Others are doing things differently in life. Some are learning new skills. Some are also prioritizing their mental and physical health.

COVID-19 has taught us many things in these past few months. It has not only turned our lives upside down, but it has also led us to have a different perspective on life. This is far from the first pandemic humans saw. However, it is the first widely spread pandemic that the modern human saw.

Here are some of the life lessons that the COVID-19 outbreak has taught us:

1. We can control climate change and pollution 

The most crucial thing COVID-19 has changed for us is the widespread perception that people can not change the impending threat of climate change. During the lockdown, people witnessed better climate conditions and lesser pollution all over the world. It was evidence that climate change is not something that human beings cannot revert.

2. One can avail education without massive tuition fees

Because of the global pandemic, many well-known educational institutes have shifted to online classes. Students were attending the most prestigious universities in the world from their homes. It compels us to think if this is possible, why pay hefty fees at all?

3. There is no need to shop every weekend

COVID-19 has taught us that one doesn’t need to shop every weekend. Even though many have only switched to online shopping from retail but most people have been shopping lesser since the beginning of the lockdown.

Moreover, we also realized that the world economy is primarily based on wants and luxuries rather than needs. This is because despite having worse financial conditions, most people could still fulfill their needs.

4. The world doesn’t depend on humans 


Since the industrial revolution, human life has reached out for more. It was only the recent lockdown that stops most things. It was as if nature reminded us that the world needs a break. During the lockdown, pollution cleared up from the major cities of the world, and wild animals returned to their habitat that had been occupied by humans.

5. Human touch is important

Last but not least, the global pandemic has given us the “Five Feet Apart” feels. It has taught us how important human touch is and how privileged we are to experience that. We never realized the importance of hugs and handshakes until we were told that we could not do that anymore.

What do you think about these lessons that COVID-19 has taught us? Let us know in the comments below.

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