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Korean Pop music, commonly known as Kpop, has been leaving its mark all over the world. Numerous Kpop groups have a huge fan base in the USA, China, India, Japan, among many others. If you are not into Kpop, maybe its time you start with these groups, and if you are, then tell us if you are obsessed with these 5 Kpop groups or not.

1. BTS

The seven-membered K-pop boy group, BTS, has been making waves in the international music industry since 2016. The group debuted in 2013 with a massive amount of criticism and a minimal fan base. In 2017 when they had acquired a very active fanbase in America, they were nominated for the Top Social Artist Award and won it that year and the next two years as well. From then on, when they had their American debut at The American Music Awards and other events, their fan base increased full force.

The most viewed music video of BTS is right now at a whopping 1 billion views while their other famous music videos range from 300 million views to 800 million and more. Our personal favorite is ‘Mic Drop.’


2. EXO

EXO was initially a twelve-member group that debuted in 2012. Gradually throughout the years, their Chinese members left to pursue solo careers though there were rumors that the Chinese members were mistreated by the agency which housed them. Nowadays, EXO continues as a nine-member group. Despite few members leaving for their mandatory military enlistment, the group’s popularity has not yet dipped in any way.


3. Black Pink

This is a four-membered girl group from an agency called YG Entertainment. Black Pink debuted in 2016 with a girl crush concept, which immediately attracted a lot of fans. Most of their music videos have hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ music video received the most attention and thus garnered the most views. One of their main achievements was being invited to perform at Coachella. The girl group has a few mini albums and is preparing for a comeback in the latter half of 2020.


4. Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a five-membered Korean girl group that debuted in 2014 with four members. The fifth member Yeri was added later on. The group’s name explains the style of music the girl group has; the Red stands for their poppy, quirky, and bold music while Velvet referring to their music, which gives a classy, elegant, and mysterious vibe. The girl group has so many achievements that South Korea names them as one of their “Nation’s Girl Group’. Perhaps their most talked about achievement is them being invited to perform in North Korea despite the taut relationship between North and South Korea.


5. Monsta X

Monsta X is a six-membered South Korean boy group, which debuted in 2015. It originally had seven members, but one member had to leave the group amidst rumors. This group was interestingly made through a survival program called No mercy.

The name of the boy group has two meanings: One that it is ‘monsters conquering the KPop scene,’ and two, ‘my star.’


These 5 Kpop groups are surely the talk of the town right now, but we would like to give honorary mentions to Super Junior and Girls Generation. These second-generation groups will always dwell in the hearts of a true Kpop fan.

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