top highlights of UEFA 2020
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Football is considered one of the most popular sports to have ever been played. People come from all over the world to participate in football tournaments. If you are a fan of football, you must be aware of the most recent event that ended yesterday. Let us tell you about the highlights of UEFA Euro 2020. The event commenced on 11th June and lasted till 11th July 2021.

UEFA highlights and moments
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During this time, the fans sat tight and watched their favourite teams hash it out on the field. The matches were fierce and there was no room for any kind of compromise. Now, one victor has emerged and they are celebrating. However, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t any other highlights in the event. Here are some of the best ones,

1. Portugal Own Goal Against Germany

Group F of Uefa was actually considered as one of the toughest ones. It contained teams that were highly competitive and the matches were quite entertaining. In one of the matches, we got to see Portugal go up against Germany. However, the former lost by a score of 4-2. Out of the 4, two ‘Own goals’ were made by Portugal so the loss was quite devastating.

2. Goal Against Scotland By Patrik Schik In UEFA:

Patrik Schik is a Czech professional footballer who plays forward. In one of the group matches against Scotland, he did the unthinkable. Seven minutes into the game, he emerged forward and scored the wonder goal! This was a goal made from the halfway line and the stadium erupted with celebration! You can see it past the 2:03 mark.

3. Ronaldo Setting Records In UEFA

We all know the name of this personality. He is one of the best athletes to ever grace the sport of football with their presence. After the first three matches of his team, Ronaldo officially set another record. He broke the long-standing record of Ali Daei. The record is one of the most goals scored in international football.

4. Italians Incoming

After watching or hearing about the final, you must be aware of the winner. The final fixed Italy up against England, with Italy emerging victorious after penalties. However, this winning streak has been going on all throughout the event. Italy won all three of their matches against Turkey, Switzerland and Whales.

5. The Famous Five By Spain

The Spain national team, La Roja, had become quite unstoppable after the win against Slovakia. However, no one would have expected them to go even further with this. In the match against Croatia, the team scored five goals! That is quite a lot! While Croatia did fight back hard, the result had become apparent soon enough.

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