earn real money
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Everyone appreciates a little extra money. And if playing games allow you to do that, it is like the cherry on top. Imagine playing games to earn real money; what crisis would brown parents go through. People choosing gaming to earn over their careers.

But you may say that you want to continue with your job. So for that, you can choose to do casual gaming, not professional gaming. And even that gives a good return. So here are a few gaming apps that you can download and play on to make money.

1. Mistplay

Right now, it is only available on Google Playstore. But the developers do say that it will soon get to iOS users as well. So Apple customers hang tight. Meanwhile, Android users can download the game. Once you start playing, you will begin to earn, and that earnings can be used to buy products from video-game outlets such as Nintendo.

earn real money
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2. Swagbucks

Another free game, and you get a signup bonus of $10. You use that to start playing. So you can say that for a casual gamer, not too much into gaming, Swagbucks is a safe option. Games are mostly fun, so you can enjoy it while making money as well.

3. Lucktastic

Are you into the lottery? If you are, this is going to be a stroll in the park. Why? You know that there are bigger chances of you not winning, so it doesn’t hurt you a lot. But what’s great is that the game is free to join. So you join for free, and then you get gift cards so you can start with that. You don’t have to put in real money as you would have to in real life. But when you earn money more than $5, you can get a cheque for it. Although you need a Dwolla if you want to get paid. The cash prize ranges from $2 to $1,500

4. HQ Trivia

While Mistplay is for Android users, HQ trivia is for Apple consumers. Download the app on any Apple device and create an account. Every day there is this one specific time where you can take part in a live trivia, and each night there is one winner with a huge cash prize. Actually, no, the earnings depend on each tournament. Also, to redeem the earning, connect with a PayPal account.

earn real money
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Do you want to say thank you? Get yourself a much-deserved break on an island in the Maldives or go to Turkey. You can go to many more places but hey its covid so you have limited options. So use your gaming to earn real money and have real vacations.

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