activities for kids on eid
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The best way of making Eid memorable for your children is to spend it together as a family, remembering Allah (SWT) and reviving the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw). By celebrating Eid, you are following in the way of the Prophet and his righteous followers.

Celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr is also one way you can nurture your child’s Muslim identity while strengthening family and community ties.

So much emphasis is placed on Christmas in Western culture by the media, and even in schools that many Muslim parents feel that they need to compensate by making Eid special. It was the Prophetic practice to celebrate Eid, so for this reason, it is worthwhile to make the Eid celebration something memorable for your children.

Here are five things you can do with your children on Eid:

1. Making Eid Cards

activities with children
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Let your kid write some Eid messages and make posters in three or four different languages. You can help your kid write Urdu, English, and Arabic messages. If you or your kids are not fluent in the same, you can also help find some meaningful words from the internet. You can also hang those cards at your home.

2. Envelopes Made For Eid

eid activities for kids
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When having guests, relatives, or friends over, gifting them a card or take away items or money in an envelope is a nice gesture. You can purchase plain white envelopes from the store and let your kid decorate them in the vein of Eid. This could include writing Eid Mubarak in Arabic script or decorating the cards with the colors of Islam and other positive messages.

3. Enlighten Them With Muslim Culture

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To make the day more special for your kids, teach them about various fun facts that are related to the Muslim culture. Tell them about the many facts and things related to the celebration and occasion of Eid.

4. Children In The Kitchen 

activities for kids on eid

While preparing a meal, you can ask your child to do little things such as setting up the table, handing you the ingredients like leafy greens and maybe even washing fruits. This way they’ll learn a sense of responsibility, and they’ll certainly be proud of themselves that they were a help to you.

5. Share The Joy 

eid activities for kids
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In the true spirit of celebrating Eid, help your kid share some joy with those who are lesser fortunate. You can involve your kids in making some food donations to a nearby shelter or orphanage.

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