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As the world moves on from the deadly pandemic to widespread vaccinations of Covid-19, businesses and establishments are opening up after two very hectic years. Restrictions placed by the governments around the world are being lifted and if not completely lifted, loosened a great deal. As a new reality is beginning to be seen, businesses should restart in all their glory too. Following are five marketing tactics that you should be using in this post-pandemic new normal.

1. OOH Advertising & Live events

Live events and out-of-home advertising were, to an extent, abandoned in favor of online marketing tactics and strategies for the past two years. Now, as lockdowns are being raised in a number of countries, live events and out-of-home advertising will surely and should come back in fashion. Several businesses are already making use of this and advertising goods like makeup products and fashionable clothing that the public will need once they come fully out of lockdowns.

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2. Empathy in Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is particularly important as the customers have not just survived a pandemic but also several other problems like climate change issues and racial injustice and the movements surrounding them. Make sure that your brand is understanding towards those negatively affected by the pandemic.

Nostalgia marketing is another marketing tactic that businesses will be using to gain customers, especially those who wish to be reminded of their past. This is one of the reasons why brands with emotionally connected customers succeed more.

3. Clarify where you stand

In light of the issues our people face, brands must take care to handle their social responsibility by having a more ethical approach. Respecting and supporting customer views will go a long way in helping brand image. Take on marketing tactics that show your opinions against topics like racial injustice and discrimination. Alter brand messaging to include your stances on trending social issues.

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4. VIDEOS! Live and standard

One online marketing strategy that businesses utilized while in quarantine were the use of live videos to advertise their products or services, especially industries like real estate. Although the pandemic might be loosening its hold, the customers’ behavior is altered drastically, hence, brands should continue using this tactic for marketing purposes. Digital advertising on YouTube as one of the biggest platforms for standard videos will also be maintained by businesses as consumers will expect videos as visual confirmation of products.

5. Time to invest in social media

As proved by the quarantine, social media advertising has worked tremendously for brands and businesses. Using social media for marketing is not a trend that will disappear easily so make sure to profit off of it. Potential customers will keep using social media so maintain your existing channels and accounts on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have no channels, make them; and consider using new platforms like Tiktok which have a huge number of users.

Marketing tactics
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These are all the tips that we have for you to ensure that you transition from quarantine marketing to post quarantine marketing in a way that your business does not take a hit. Instead, it does better than before. As the world moves on, use these marketing tactics and strategies in a way that you profit from the changes happening all across the world.

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