5 Eco-Friendly Tech Products You Should Definitely Invest In
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Mother nature is one powerful entity. She has the capability to wipe out civilizations and plant new ones. When the trees are being cut, it is mother nature who feels the pain. In retaliation, she hits us with dangerous levels of global warming.

So, in the 21st century, what can we do to make our time here, on Earth, less destructive? The technology is advancing either ways, so we should use products which don’t harm the environment. Thus, Eco-Friendly products come to mind. So, what are some of the eco-friendly tech products which are worth investing in?

1. Hydropanels:

We already know what Solar Panels are. They draw energy from the Sun and convert it to usable electrical energy. The cells on the panel absorb and generate DC. That current is then sent through an inverter to produce AC for home use. Similarly, what are hydropanels? The name hints towards a use of water, does it not? Hydropanels use technology to produce a specific amount of heat to condense and collect water from the atmosphere.

These can be extremely useful in areas where humidity is common. If there is less humidity, they can introduce such a factor as to condense the water in the atmosphere. This product is extremely eco-friendly as it employs renewable energy and is worth a gander at!

Eco-Friendly tech products
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2. Nature’s Earphones:

Imagine listening to nature sounds on your earphones. The sound of the wind blowing, the trees rustling are all part of the ultimate experience. What about when your earphones are made of the same material as nature. Yes, wooden earphones are a thing. They employ the use of Wood and Aluminum (Both recycled) in a sleek comfortable design. It does not compromise the earphones quality, rather when they break, they can be easily disposed of.

This is much more eco-friendly in comparison to the normal earphones. This is because a lot of those Earphones have non biodegradable components in them! Check out this eco-friendly tech product and why it’s worth an investment.

t3. Smart Leak Sensor:

Statistics state that an enormous amount of water is wasted in homes and domestic usage. To prevent that, humans have come up with some extremely ingenious ways. They’ve invented washing machines that consume and recycle water. They gave also come up with Toilets which draw less water than needed. Even then, a substantial amount of water is wasted in homes due to unchecked leaks.

They are unchecked because no one knows exactly where the leak is until a wall is ruined or a panel is short circuited. The Smart Leak Sensor detects leaks in a specific area of the house and let’s the user know where to fix. This is extremely eco-friendly and is only helping to save water.

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4. Solar Chargers:

Charging is an essential part of using technology. There has to be a way to repower it so it can last a longer time. Solar chargers make the use of sunlight to produce ample watts and they work similar to solar panels but on a much smaller scale.

The sunlight absorbed is used to produce around 21 watts and approximately 2.1 amperes of current. Most Smartphones are able to charge at 1 or 2.1. With the 2.1, however, charging is much faster. This makes this Eco-Friendly Tech product efficient to use.

5. AA Battery Charger:

Remember the time you used to smack the TV remote because your AA+ cells have run out? Is it not extra work to go out and fetch a new pair of cells every time? The Double AA Charger removes the need to get new cells every time the old ones run out. It allows the cells to charge again and be reused for the same amount of time. This even reduces cost of buying and keeps the environment clean of discarded cells liable to leak or explode.

However, we must take it upon ourselves to warn you that the charger only uses ‘Rechargeable Double A’ cells. If you attempt to use regular cells, they may explode and cause injury. Stay safe!

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These are just some of the eco friendly tech products that are definitely worth a glance at.

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