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Majority of us, during this lockdown, have been making the most of this time and have been trying out different recipes at home. Since we can’t go outside to our favorite restaurants and cafes, it’s best we level up our cooking skills!

But to make something, you can be very smart about it. Choose recipes that you wouldn’t have to go and purchases, wouldn’t take much time to cook and which require minimum ingredients. Now, that’s what we all want, don’t you?

To make your lives easier and your quarantine more tolerable, we’ve picked out 5 easiest and yummiest recipes for you to try at home! Ready to drool over these? Have a look!

1. Simple Chicken & Mushroom Casserole

You really cannot go wrong with this creamy chicken & mushroom casserole. Also, in case you don’t have a certain ingredient at home, you can always find a substitute!

2. Creamy Tomato Pasta

If you’re craving pasta, you can easily fix some for yourself using this recipe! One thing’s for sure – you can never go wrong with pasta!

3. Easy 3-Ingredient Oreo Cake

This is tried and tested and hands down the best cake you can make using literally just 3 ingredients! Oreos, milk and baking powder!

4. Summer Lockdown Lemon Iced-tea

We know summers have begun and what could be better than chilling at home and fixing yourself a glass of chilled, refreshing lemon iced tea?

5. Savory French Toasts

Ever imagined savory french toasts? You can have them for breakfast, lunch, supper or even dinner? Or maybe, a midnight snack when you get a hunger attack?

Which one of these will you try? Let us know in the comments below!

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