tame static hair
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Winters brings with them a host of problems, we must admit. Chapped lips, flaky skin, static hair?! As if the cold isn’t enough, there are all these problems to fix. While chapped lips and dry skin may need more permanent solutions, we’ve got you covered for static hair.

What Is Static Hair?

Static hair occurs when your hair builds up an electric charge, meaning it has gained some extra electrons thanks to friction or a change in humidity. That makes the strands of your hair repel each other, leaving your hair frizzy and difficult to style. Plus, the elements, a lack of moisture in the air, and heated indoor environments can all exacerbate static hair.

tame static hair
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And those hats we wear in winter to keep ourselves warm? Those are making static electricity worse and creating friction, and building static electricity as we take them on and off throughout the day.

Here’s How You Fix It

Your hair needs extra TLC and love, and with that, static-free hair is never impossible.

1. Moisturizing Shampoo

Keeping your hair moisturized is the best way to make sure that it’s armed with hydration. That is necessary to ensure to fight frizz, static, and other pesky side effects of weather. Say hello to soft locks!

2. Good Conditioner

A moisturizing conditioner is crucial to avoiding frizz. It would generally help if you never were skipping conditioner because conditioner locks in the moisture your shampoo gives. Using a conditioner will ensure that your hair is manageable, soft, and moisturized, all of which counter static hair. 

tame static hair
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3. Don’t Underestimate Hair Masks

Most scalps and hair tend to remain undernourished despite a good shampoo and conditioner duo. If your hair tends to dry or your hair is otherwise damaged, you may find that to be the case. In that case, using a deep-conditioning mask or treatment once a week can give it an extra boost.

4. Skip Plastic Combs

Using plastic combs and brushes on your hair can cause static electricity. This is very similar to making your hair static yourself with balloons when we were younger. Hairstylists and experts suggest the use of brushes and combs made out of materials like boar bristle or wood.

tame static hair
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5. Keep Your Hair Tied

If your hair’s long, a bun or braid is the perfect way to keep your strands from getting staticky. If you like your hair to have a tousled look, stylists suggest braiding or pulling it back into a tight bun and undoing it once you arrive at your destination.

tame static hair
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Keeping it tied will ensure it remains clean and does not come into contact with electricity.

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