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For someone like me, eating is very close to the heart. Their whole lives revolve around food. The love for food is so strong that at times, they surf the internet for food pictures. Okay, that sounds obsessive so we are going to go a step back. The point here is that the food is love, yes, but can some of us have dangerous eating habits? Definitely. Here is a list of some of those habits, if you have them, you should stop right away.

1. Skipping Breakfast

Now, many of you think that if you skip breakfast, it will help you lose weight. Or some other people consider breakfast to be unimportant so they skip it in between their busy schedule. DON’T DO THAT!

Breakfast is very important in your routine. It gives you enough energy to remain efficient and active throughout the day. And it doesn’t matter how heavy your breakfast is because your body’s metabolism is at its peak in the morning so it all gets used up and doesn’t contribute to you gaining weight.

2. Late night eating

Recently, with the lockdown in place people have witnessed changing sleep cycles. And due to them remaining awake until late, they get hungry and snack away at 1 or 2 am. They call it midnight snacks but they are not snacks really. In fact, they are, at most times, laced with cheese (hint: mac n cheese). These snacks are dangerous because you sleep after consuming them, and not work it off.

eating habits
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3. Cleanse / detox

Many people assume that they should go on strict dieting with cleansing and detox to lose weight. It promotes the wrong mindset that you can eat anything for like a week because you can eventually go on a cleanse. No. cherish your body from the get-go. Plus, your body has a natural system for a cleanse so don’t worry if you have one cheat day in your eating schedule, your body will recover itself.

4. Adding salt

Salt gives taste. But when you start adding more and more salt every day to your food even before tasting it, you have a problem. If you have lots of sodium in your system you will start having heart problems. So its better to avoid salt and if you really want taste then go for salt alternatives amongst natural herbs.

5. Eating Junk Food

Junk food, need I go further? All those fries, chips, biscuits, crackers, they are all junk foods. They do provide comfort so I am not saying that you should completely cut them out of your life. But you can limit it at least. If you are eating particular junk food 3 times a day, limit it to one. Then make it 3 days a week and eventually one day a week. It will help you a lot.

eating habits
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Regardless of how much you love anything, it should always be consumed in moderation at specific times. So you should abandon dangerous and unhealthy eating habits that exist in your routine, and you will lead a healthier and more active life.

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