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The iPhone is not the only product that comes out of Apple’s factories. Of course, the company started with computers and then started a tangential journey towards phones, but more. Despite the tangent, Apple still releases MacBooks and Mac Desktop Computers too. Coming to the smaller gadgets, Apple specializes in earphones and watches too. So, if you already knew that, you might be an owner of the AirPods or the Apple Watch. But, there may be features of the watch you might be unaware of. Let us look at some of them.

Apple Smart Watch

1. Vehicle Caretaker

With the turn of 2020, as of now, vehicle technology is moving forward quite well. One can turn the Car ON or OFF with the press of the button. They can open and close doors too. So how does the Apple Watch fit in this scenario? Well, what the watch does is it allows the user to track the status of the vehicle. Parameters like tire pressure, fuel gauge are all a tap away. So make sure you check that PSI on your smartwatch before heading out on the road trip!

Apple Car Talking Smart

2. Take a deep breath

We all know that a lot of smartwatches can track heart pumping. They can monitor your blood pressure and give warnings if it goes too low or too high. But what about your breathing? Can there be a way to track that? Look no further because the Apple Watch does exactly that! One of the symptoms of Covid 19 is the shortness of breath. So if you’re already experiencing other symptoms and then your watch warns you of irregular breathing, you know what to do.

Similarly, an approaching Panic Attack can be preceded by the shortness of one’s breath. The watch can be helpful there too.

3. Music Control

Ever feel too lazy to get up and adjust the speaker volume? Wish you could change that track sitting from the comfort of your bed? Prepare to be baffled as we tell you that the Apple Watch has this feature too! You can sit back and adjust all the volume you want, so long as the other end has a Bluetooth connection.

Change tracks and cycle through your playlist with ease.

4. Screenshot Availability

Is there something that you wish to remember for later? Did you write something using your Apple Watch that you want to save? Well, the device allows the feature of screenshots as well. The screenshot feature is one of the most important features of smartphones today. Not just information, you come across a good meme, you have to snap it!

The screenshot is even one of the most asked questions about the watch. So let us put that query at rest by telling you that a screenshot is possible.

5. Aqua Eject!

As we all know, devices today are made to be water-resistant. From watches to phones, a lot of devices are being made to withstand dips. Samsung Note 8 is one of the best water-resistant phones. It can even survive dips in salt seawater and falls, which end in water. So what does the Apple Watch have to offer here?

The watch houses a feature which ejects water from the device itself on its own. Sensors present within the Apple Watch itself detect water content. Once beyond the threshold, it automatically drains the water from itself. How far have we come?

Water Smart Eject
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These are just some of the many astonishing features that await you!

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