5 cool things every car owner
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Automobiles have been a personal favorite of many people for a long time. Everyone gets excited every time Ferrari comes out with a new car. Lamborghini continues to baffle people with its next-generation technology. Cars come in an assortment of classes.

Whether it is a tuner, an off-road vehicle or a muscle car, they are all cool. But the car itself is not the only thing that makes it cool. We are here to check out what exactly inside a car makes it cool. It does not necessarily have to be inside the car but it can be a part of it.

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1. The Audio Dynamics

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Every vehicle nowadays has one prominent requirement. The drivers prefer it if the car has a functioning audio system. But what makes your car cool? The writer of this article believes that the audio system should either be the most recent or an old one. It gives the vehicle an entirely classic feel to have a cassette player inside. It looks entirely old-school to have a collection of tapes full of golden-age songs.

Imagine driving up in your car, playing ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by the Bee Gees on a tape deck. Either that, or the car owner ought to have a functioning top-notch Bluetooth stereo system. There is no in-between for cool!

2. Push to the limit

Push start cool cars
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Lock makers and smiths have had their share of the market when the world decided to use locks. It was often considered an extremely cool thing to have a car key that occupied a whole ring. Now, with the 2020 ending, keys in automobiles should become obsolete. It is an extra accessory and it’s easier to hotwire vehicles with a key ignition. Here we introduce another cool car feature!

The concept of a push button to start the car has always highly fascinated people. It looks quite cool when all you do is push the button and the car roars to life. Push start is the future and must be acknowledged as such!

3. Leather Driving Gloves

Some gloves for driving car
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What better way to get a feel like your favorite getaway driver than with driving gloves? The transporter wore them when Jason Stathum played the character. Not just that, most professional drivers tend to wear gloves too. You, as a regular driver, can also benefit from them. Not only do they increase your grip on the wheel but they also help keep your hands warm on longer trips.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about burning your hands off on the wheel on a sunny day! So the next time you’re driving your friends around, wear these on for an extra shade of cool.

4. A Case Of Survival

First aid parts essential kit
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Are you an avid driver of long road trips? Are you generally a driver who prefers to stay prepared and organized? Then this is not only cool thing but also essential. A First Aid Survival kit can really boost the cool factor of your car. This gives off the impression of a professional cautious driver. It tells the rest of the world that you are absolutely prepared. Imagine having an injury or car trouble and opening the trunk to reveal a whole kit. A kit organized with first aid items as well as survival tools such as pocket knives and compasses.

You never know when you might need it!

5. The Life-Saving Mirror

cars with mirrors
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Every car has a blind spot. It is that one part of the car that neither the side nor the rearview mirror can see. It is usually because of this spot that a lot of accidents can take place. A person switches lanes and gets hit by a car from behind due to it being in the person’s blind spot. The cool car thing to keep here is a blind spot mirror placed on top of a side mirror.

This not only saves you from lane switching accidents but gives a wider rear view of the road. It is bound to look cool and catch many eyes since not everyone uses such a contraption.

These are just some of the coolest things in a car that every owner should own or keep.

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