5 Controversial Automotive Ads That Caused Major Uproar!
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Time and time again, advertisers have impressed us with amazing out-of-the-box concepts that have WOW-ed us. However, there are also times when brands have left us confused.

Over time, several automotive brands have rolled out many prints and electronic ads, which have sparked significant debates and have become highly controversial.

Some of them were still able to get off the hook as things settled down. But then some were just simply unacceptable and the worst decision that the brands could ever make.

Today, we have compiled a list of some of the most controversial automotive ads that have caused significant uproars on social media.

5 Controversial Automotive Ads That Caused Major Uproar!

1. Drive Your Way Towards A Divorce With Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz’s ‘Not in this weather’ ad is a bit old but still controversial as ever. The ad shows a wife cheating on her husband with her lover. When he questions her about her husband coming home, she quotes, “not in this weather.”

We then see the husband rushing towards a house (we assume to be his to catch the two red-handed). However, as soon as he walks in, his mistress questions him if his wife will be expecting him home more quickly, to which he replies, “not in this weather.”

If Mercedes were trying to advertise the perfect way to drive yourself to a divorce, this would be it. There was no need to show a cheating wife or mistress in relationship to lousy weather. Mercedes, you need to rely on a better advertising company!

2. Kidnap Upto 3 Women In Your Brand New Ford!

Now seriously, Ford, what were you thinking!? JWT India posted an ad for Ford Figo, which was basically like cutting up and throwing yourself into a tank full of hungry sharks.

The ad shows Silvio Berlusconi in the front seat, while three women have been gagged and tied in the back. There was also another version of the ridiculous ad featuring Paris Hilton with the Kardashians gagged in the trunk!

3. Mothers-In-Law Can Now Inspect Their To-Be Daughters-In-Law Like Cows At A Cattle Farm With Audi

Audi China crossed the limit with their super controversial ad that compared a bride to a used car! The ad shows a bride and groom happily getting married when all of a sudden, the ceremony is interrupted by the groom’s mother.

The lady rushed up to the bride and started to pull her nose, check her ears, and even inside her mouth as if she were at a farm and about to purchase new cattle for her home. As she walks away, she gives them a thumbs up to show her approval, and then she glances down at the bride’s chest to check her ‘measurements.’

So, what does buying an Audi have to do with a woman getting married? Everything!

4. All Terrorists Only Drive Volkswagen Polo, Kapish?

According to a racist and controversial Volkswagen Polo ad, all terrorists, no matter where they are, drive the same car. Not just that, the car is super bomb-proof, so if you see a Polo somewhere in the corner of a street, it’s just another terrorist ready to blow themselves up.

Volkswagen, you may want to revise the tagline from ‘Polo. Small but tough.’ to ‘Polo. Small but with a terrorist inside.’

5. Because A ‘Hot’ Teacher-Student Relationship Is Perfectly Controllable For KIA’s Dual-Zone Airconditioner

Dear KIA, I sincerely hope you can explain to parents why their daughters are taking apples to school every other day.

There are absolutely no words to describe how offensive and down-right wrong this ad is. On one side, the comic shows a younger girl talking to a teacher, whereas the other side shows a more mature girl conversing with a much older man.

And we all know where the conversation is headed… Once again, did the team behind this cringe-worthy ad lose their marbles when an apple fell on their heads?

PC: Kia

Sadly, it doesn’t end there…

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Have any more controversial automotive ads you want to share with us? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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