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These days every other Pakistani drama you see is about one partner cheating on the other. When some people raise this point, the producers say, ‘but this works.’ And that leads to us wondering why such an issue would work? It is merely because people cheat! So let’s see some reasons as to why people cheat in relationships.

1. Lack of Communication

Cheating usually is not impulsive; it is a result of problems existing already in a relationship. One of the most recurring reasons for a person’s infidelity is communication problems. If one person is disturbed or annoyed by their partners’ actions but doesn’t address the issue, it leads to dissatisfaction and, eventually, cheating. It can be said that cheating is a person trying to bring their emotions to light. Having open two-way communication is best for smooth sailing in relationships.

2. Falling out of love

Despite all the promises of loving each other together, many couples break up because one or both partners want to break up. The ones who don’t have enough courage to use vocabulary, use actions. However, this brings on a world of hurt on the other partner. The person who wants to leave the relationship cheats in an obvious way; this is an effort to get caught. And I reiterate, this happens when a person is not emotionally strong enough to say that they fell out of love.’

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3. Confidence

Cheaters with a lack of self-confidence keep doing it again and again. They are not able to commit, but they are incredibly persuasive and end up persuading people that they are willing to settle. Insecurities and past traumas that a person has related to relationships boil up when they are in a relationship that is on the right track. Their dealing mechanism for this is cheating. This kind of infidelity is for people who are always seeking higher self-esteem. Even when they desire love, things get messy because of the mental restrictions on them.

4. Revenge or Punishment

When one person in a relationship is holding on to their anger and frustration because of their partner, they cheat to hurt their partner. The cheating is used to punish their partner for something else that happened. This kind of infidelity occurs only to serve as a platform for the release of anger. The cheater feels better when they think that their cheating punishes their partners even though the partner doesn’t know what they did wrong.

5. Loneliness

Sometimes couples do communicate but barely. Honestly, a relationship can not go on on just this. Instead of saying that they feel neglected or just lonely, the person cheats to experience being wanted. What they think will happen by cheating is that their loneliness will lessen. But instead, it just keeps on increasing, which will make them even more miserable than before. The cause is the same; the cheater wants to get rid of the void in their relationship.

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People cheat in relationships. Does Will know these reasons lessen the frequency of such an act? No. Not directly. But if people explore it further to narrow down the root of such problems, maybe people would be more aware of what they are doing. And then, instead of cheating, they will be courageous enough to end or salvage their relationship in the right way.

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