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The world of automobiles is quite an interesting one. Not only does it offer incredible future applications, it is always nice to take a gander towards older cars. A car from 1965 might just be as impressive as one from today, if talking about engine power or robustness. However, with every aging car comes a set of problems. These issues have become so common that it has become easier to fix them. They can occur in your car simply from not driving it for a few weeks.

So, what are these common car problems and how can they be fixed? Please note that you should always wear safety gloves when conducting any form of repair on the car. Do not open the radiator cap when the car has been recently turned off. Similarly, do not attempt to remove spark plugs when the car is running.

1. A Faulty Car Radiator

Many times, the car radiator in an older car tends to stop working. That does usually mean that it is a major fault, rather a minor one. What happens is that, from time to time, the fuse of the radiator can break. This can be due to a sudden inflow of current or if a car has been driven through water.

To fix this, simply check which fuse controls the radiator fan and replace it. For older cars, the fuse box is usually placed in the engine side.

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2. Broken Turn Signal

If any of your car’s turn signals start to blink faster, it usually means that one or more of them have burnt out. Due to that, more current is flowing in the other blinkers, causing them to blink faster.

To fix this, check whichever blinker has gone out by turning on your hazards. For an older car, it is usually the one towards the front and on the side. It has a small bulb inside it, simply replace that.

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3. Air Filter Cleaning

If you are used to driving in a dustier climate, then your air filter can get clogged up more often. This can cause engine performance to lessen and you might feel the car choking up.

To fix this, you can simply open up your bonnet, check where the air filter is installed and remove it. Then, you can either clean it and put it back, if it can be salvaged, otherwise get a new one.

4. Engine Misfire

In a lot of the cases, when an engine misfires, it can be due to a faulty spark plug. This is something you can even check yourself quite easily. If is important to keep certain sizes of tools in your car for such a case.

Carefully open your bonnet, then remove the heads of the spark plugs, the wires that are going into them. Then, insert the socket wrench with the extension, and unscrew the spark plug. If it has an extremely blackened tip, it needs replacement. Make sure the engine is off before you attempt this.

5. Flat Car Tire

This is the most common occurring issue that every person should know how to fix. You can get a flat tire while driving anywhere, at any time of the day or night. Make sure your car has a tire jack, a tire wrench of the size of your tyre bolts. Also make sure you have an inflation kit and a puncture kit.

Depending on the situation, you can either patch the tire using the puncture kit or you can inflate it till you reach the nearest shop. Additionally, you can also replace it with the spare tire. Make sure to put the tire jack on one of the supporting axles so the car can be lifted properly.

Knowing how to fix these common issues can be quite handy, be it an emergency or not.

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