5 Cars That Have Lightning Fast Resale

Honda City and Resale of cars
Image Source: hondasite.com,pk

If we talk about specific brands, there are countless models that we can find. However, some vehicles are more common than others. You’d find them being driven here much more, seeing them more. This is because their reliability and popularity make them highly favorable to drivers here. Now, if a vehicle is popular, its sale is also popular. This means that you can buy those cars and have they’d have a lightning-fast resale.

So, which of the cars in Karachi have such a resale? They are present in all kinds of domains, be it the hatchback, the sedan, or the crossover SUV.

1. Toyota Corolla Resale

We cannot talk about popular vehicles and leave out this vehicle. The Toyota Corolla is one of the most famous cars of Pakistan. It is a staple in households because of its reliability, availability of parts and good handling. Due to this, the resale of this car is lightning-fast. You can sell this car as fast as you can buy it here.

2. Suzuki Cultus

The 1.0 Liter hatchback is a common car in many households here. Due to its high fuel efficiency, its affordable parts and low maintenance, it is considered as a reliable car. You can find it being sold and bought online in a huge amount. From 2000 to 2016, with the difference in injection types and cylinders, it has remained a favorite. You can never worry about resale with this car.

3. Suzuki Mehran Resale

Often considered in Pakistan as the ‘Boss’, this is a highly sought after vehicle. People have taken it as far as Khunjerab Pass and it does not give up on the driver. Maintain it well and it will surely give you years of service. It is present in an affordable range and once you are done using it, it can be easily resold to the next person willing to buy.

4. Honda City

A fuel efficient car ideal for long and short commute both, the Honda City also has lightning fast resale. Be it the automatic variant or the manual one, people are always looking to buy this car. It is a sedan with a good fuel average, who wouldn’t want to buy it?

5. Daihatsu Mira

This is one of the highest sought after vehicles in the 660cc domain. It is highly fuel efficient and can carry quite a lot of people, even considering the size of the hatchback. If you are an owner of a Mira, you do not have to worry about resale as there are always buyers looking out for it. However, you do have to take good care of it as rough driving can lead to engine problems or transmission issues.

These are a few of the vehicles that have a lightning fast resale and you can find them in bundles on the market!

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