5 Cars In Pakistan For Those Who Absolutely Love Speed
Image Source: HelloPk Pakistan

Many of us must have seen quite a lot of films surrounding cars. Movies like Rush and Ford v Ferrari provide us with the proper cinematic experience of a driver. F1 drivers are not something to be taken lightly, neither is the 24-hour Le Mans racing circuit. There are a lot of people who would love to have that adrenaline rushing on pressing on the pedal. Even if they do not drive fast, they might get the urge to rev their cars or pick up the speed on an empty straight road. For us, that can be Shahra-e-Faisal.

So, when it comes to fast cars with robust engines and sturdy builds, there are quite a few you can buy and drive in Pakistan. Some of these are in the mid-range of vehicles, while others can be considered quite high-end. Nevertheless, their performance is something that speaks volumes and remains unrivaled.

1. Toyota Mark X

This is one of the cars towards which you just look at and feel envious of whoever is driving it. It features either a robust 2.5L or a 3L engine. This car is a monster underneath the hood and it has a rear-wheel-drive configuration. A slip differential and you can count on countless donuts or drifts. While the speedometer on the car goes up to 180, it might just be one of the fastest 180s you might have seen.

2. Honda Civic Reborn

Of course, we cannot mention fast cars and leave out Honda Civics. The Honda Civic that people come to know here under the name of ‘Civic Reborn’ is another beast of the streets. Its manual transmission variant is the one to look out for. A 5-speed manual transmission built on top of a 1.8L engine is sure to send tires burning. It has one of the fastest combustion engine accelerations.

civic reborn and fast cars
Image Source: pakwheels.com

3. Toyota Cars – Corolla ’86

This is the vehicle that has been one of the most used ones as Project cars. Even on a stock engine, this car can go up quite high on the speedometer. There is a lot of heat packed underneath its hood and its sound is something that many people love. For those who love the speed of classic cars always have their eyes lit up at the mention of the Corolla ’86.

corolla 86 and other fast ones
Image Source: youtube.com

4. Mazda Cars – Rx-8

We would mention the Rx-7 with the rotary engine as well but that one is harder to find in Pakistan. The Rx-8, however, is still considered the affordable sports car. You can get quite a decent one in less than 30 lacs which has a functioning and powerful engine. While the rotary engine itself was not a successful engine and you’d much rather buy the piston engine variant, the sound of the rotary is to die for!

5. Lexus CT 200H

Yet another quite rare vehicle, it is certainly worth noting how powerful it is. With a sleek design and a swift acceleration, this vehicle is a favorite of many car lovers. Not only does it deliver unparalleled power, it also gives a good fuel average. You might not expect it from a lot of fast cars but this one keeps both in balance.

lexus vehicles with fast speed
Image Source: carsguide.com

These are just some of the fast cars available to purchase in Pakistan. The price range varies from about 18 Lac till as high as 50 Lac.

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