common car maitainence mistakes
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Car maintenance will not only keep your car safe and reliable, but it will also improve the resale value of your vehicle – saving you tons of money in the long run.

Be it you who maintains your car or a mechanic; there are rookie mistakes that need to be avoided!

Often, by making these mistakes lightly, we end up cutting our car’s life-span and increase the maintenance costs from our pockets.

 Here are five car maintenance mistakes you must do your best to avoid!

1. Disregarding the Car Manual

car manual
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The car manual has been printed for a reason. It’s that one book that can save you a lot of money from your pockets.

Neglecting the manual will lead you to make decisions that can also lessen your car’s life span.

From the engine to the name of the coolants, the manual can guide you through everything to help you have a smooth sail.

2. Driving While Low on Gas

low gas warning
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A lot of new and experienced drivers are both unaware that driving when low on gas can result in problems.

What happens is that debris in settled in the bottom of the fuel tank. When the fuel is low, the rubble is mixed with the fuel, which is used to run the car.

That debris is then circulated within the engine and systems, eventually choking it, and it can result in complete engine failure in the long-run. Engine repairs are very costly, mainly depending on which car you own.

3. Not Changing Car Fluids Frequently

car fluids
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It is a widespread misconception that changing car fluids is not necessary and is a waste of time and money.

The reality is that these fluids keep your car cool, lubricated, and help it have a good engine.

You need to change your engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and others regularly. They are arguably more critical to your vehicle than fuel.

4. Not Keeping an Eye on Tire Pressure

tire pressure
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Imagine you are on the highway, and the distance between you and your destination is far. All of a sudden you hear a pop, your tire has flattened!

This is because one of the daily tasks a driver needs to carry out is checking their tire pressure every other day so that they do not face this unexpected situation.

5. Using Your Car When Your Wheel Alignment Is Off

wheel alignment
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People often neglect wheel alignment, but it is a good practice to check your alignment every six months.

An improper wheel alignment will not only negatively impact the handling of your car but also cause avoidable wear and tear to your tires.

Which rookie mistakes do you often make?

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