AI based tools and applications
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Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more common everyday, with quite a widespread application. There was a time when people used to watch movies that showed a ruined future with an A.I antagonist. However, what we are seeing now is actually good technological development occurring each day. No matter where we look to, AI is planting itself firm in various industries.

Just like that, there are quite a lot of applications that we utilize AI in. The technology is new and it is still growing, thus there are sectors where it can be highly useful. Let us take a look at some of these,

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1. AI Marketing and Advertising

When it comes to the marketing domain, it deals with facing customers and clients. Thus, AI can play a major role in the creation of various tools that assist with marketing. Even the creation of chatbots that interact with the people is a good application of AI in this sector.

2. AI-Powered Agriculture

Since Pakistan is an agriculture based economy, this would be a good application. What we can do is move towards the development of smart farming solutions using AI for improved crop yields and farm operations. Crop health monitoring, and automation of farming tasks can be two of the major goals that we can pursue in this domain.

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3. Cybersecurity Applications

When it comes to online privacy, there has to be a lot of caution that must be taken. Providing intrusion prevention and real-time security monitoring services can help quite a lot of enterprises with their security applications.

4. Education and Learning

If we were to create an AI-based learning platform, that would be able to assist students quite a lot. To have a place where artificial intelligence learns from other courses and education can be quite useful. Offering intelligent tutoring, content adaptation to learning styles can all be part of what AI brings to the table.

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5. Healthcare Services

To offer diagnostic tools, predictive analytics, and personalized treatment recommendations is what we can make a part of healthcare services. Patient care is the most important aspect of healthcare, thus it must be focused on. To have machines which reduce human effort can also put doctors in areas where there is less of a presence.

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