most memorable billboards of Karachi
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Being a citizen of Karachi, you might often find yourself driving or commuting through it. Since the city is so large, it can take time to reach from one point to another, no matter what time of day it is. Thus, there is a lot to soak in from the city when you are driving through it, including all the billboards placed across town. However, for many people, these billboards become memorable due to the avid travelling.

Today, we are here to look at the most memorable billboards for the citizens of Karachi. What makes them memorable is that they are placed at such a unique and outstanding location, you cannot help but look at them. They might not always have an appealing advertisement for everyone, but they are certainly memorable.

1. FTC Flyover – Karachi

This location often has some memorable billboard advertisements placed just before you exit the bridge onto Shahra-e-Faisal. The most common ADs you can see on it are of Prince Biscuit. There are also appliance ADs on it sometimes, from Solar-powered air conditioners to regular ones.

ftc flyover with billboards in the city
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2. Teen Talwar Signal – Karachi

If you are heading to metropole from ‘Do Talwar’, you might look up on the top left corner of the area and find yourself facing a billboard. The most common advertisement you could see on it is of KN&N’s frozen items. Other times, you might see a food-related advertisement.

memorable billboards in Karachi
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3. Rashid Minhas Road – Across Millennium Mall

When you are headed to Johar Mor from Airport, you can come across this billboard location across from Millennium Mall. It often features food-related advertisements like KFC. At times before, it also used to feature ADs related to steel or other processed materials.

4. Above Mcdonalds – Shahra-e-Qaideen

The KFC/Mcdonalds Rivalry is something that people have been seeing for decades now. The popularity of the two has gone down in recent weeks due to the boycott. However, when they were at their peak, you could see them advertising against each other all the time. The area above the Shahra-e-Qaideen McDonald’s is often rented out by KFC to place their advertisements! It is one of the most memorable billboard locations in Karachi!

places to remember ADs in the city
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5. Shahra-e-Faisal Pedestrian Bridges

The pedestrian bridges on Shahra-e-Faisal are often accompanied by billboards on their sides, with advertisements related to steel and other processed materials, as well as upcoming events and food-related ADs too!

billboards to remember in Karachi
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These are some of the most memorable billboard locations in Karachi. Have a gander at them the next time you are travelling through any of these places.

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