5 Best Pakistani Campaigns That We Will Always Remember!

Best Pakistani Campaigns
Image Source: Dailymotion

Isn’t the best campaign the one you cannot forget even as decades go by? It could be the storytelling technique or the jingle in it, whatever it is, but when you hear the phrase Best Pakistani Campaigns, it’s these adverts that come to mind. Below are 5 of the Best Pakistani Campaigns that we will always remember!

1. 090078601 – Telefun

Okay, this was just an informational ad. And honestly, it had no song to it. Only two lines but those two lines were more than enough that years later we still hum it no context needed.

♫ 090078601 Telefun… Don’t tell me you didn’t hum it.


2. Ding Dong Bubble

Hilal’s Ding Dong Bubble was a series of TVCs about animals. Each installment introduced a fable. The cat and mouse, the mouse and Lion, the Thirsty Crow, the Wise Owl, the animated approach to the advertisement, and the relatable stories used made the ad memorable even after years have gone by.


3. Jahan Mamta Wahan Dalda – Dalda

Let’s not get into how stereotypical this ad is or how much it enforces gender norms because we have to accept how our society is. We can play our part in making it better, but that’s how it has been, and we loved this logline, especially at the end when its hummed. Or is it because we were all primarily foodies who couldn’t think of anything at the sight of food?


4. G.L.U.C.O – Gluco Biscuit

Strong bane Smart Raho Gluco. Gluco’s target audience was children, but this ad does not employ the usual method of animation. In that aspect, it is unique. But the jingle is nice to hear. And if you have not heard of it yet, listen to it now. Rest assured ten years down the lane; you will still be singing with the ad.


5. Batado Na – Naz Pan Masala

Meri mutthi main band hai kya? Batado na… Naz Pan Masala.

Enough said! It has nostalgia, cuteness, jingles, and scenery. What more do you want?


These are in no way all the amazing best Pakistani campaigns we have come across, but these are definitely at the top of the list.

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