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Khowsey, the famous Burmese dish, is a heavenly cuisine. If you have tried it, you would know. And you would also know that not every place is able to curate the dish like it is supposed to. Good khowsey places are hard to find. Hence, we decided to list down five places you can get the best khowsey from.

Best Khowsey Places

1. Desi Shack

If you try khowsey at Desi Shack, you are bound to fall in love with them. In fact, if you were to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, it will definitely break the scale. Plus it is a good affordable lunch menu too.

2. Delizioso Pasto

The khowsey at Delizioso Pasto rates the best in terms of quality, quantity, taste, and cleanliness. If you are a habitual khoswey eater, you would know the last one matters the most. Since khowsey comes all divided, it is easier to assess how clean it looks. And cleanliness becomes the greatest motivator to consume the dish.

3. Khowsey Kitchen

Khowsey Kitchen lets you try the homemade version of Khowsey and it will be the best thing you would have ever tasted in your life. The add-ons, the flavors, everything is made to the point of perfection. If you try it out at our recommendation, be sure to send some love our way.

4. SpicOgetti

If you want to try the khoswey from the comfort of your home and satisfy your cravings as soon as possible, you can try SpicOgetti. They deliver within sixty minutes in Karachi!

5. The SnapChaat

Name sounding a bit like SnapChat, the khowsey at Snapchaat are as full of fun as the app.

The sauce, the spaghetti, chilli, crackers, and the spice; separated, love; mixed, khowsey.

If you are visiting Karachi, or a Karachiite, do make time to try these places and let us know about your experiences.

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