Best exam tips
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Are you going to appear for an exam and want to know the best exam tips for an easy way out? You should understand how your score by putting in the effort is always better than applying tricks. But were you to use these tips alongside putting in the effort, you will ace any exam sent your way.

1. Know your syllabus!

Have you ever skipped a topic while preparing, assuming it won’t come, and it always does? Well, here is your first tip. BE INFORMED. Know your syllabus. Most of the time, students assume what will not be in the program, especially if they don’t understand a topic. That’s not recommended! Because if you leave a problem, well then, the 21st question in a 20 question exam paper will be about it.

So know the syllabus and cover it completely.

Best Exam tips
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2. Think like them

Did you watch Criminal Minds? Remember what Agent Hotchner, or was it, Gideon, said? ‘Think like them.’ It does not only go with crime dramas. If you want to do good in your exam, you need to think like your teacher.

  • ‘What question he/she likes?’
  • ‘Do they intentionally want to make difficult exams?’
  • ‘What topics are they more inclined towards?’

Like the Criminal Minds team always caught their target, you will still ace the exam with this trick.

Best exam tips
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3. Attend study circles

Study circles are critical. It happens quite a lot that the way your teacher explains a topic is not understandable. The teacher himself could be bored, or he may also not like that topic very much. Or the way he tells it is annoying. Sometimes it is hard for the teacher to make the subject relatable even.

To counter this, the best way is to form and attend study circles because there are always those first benchers who understand the teacher. And since they are your class fellows, the way they explain a topic will be more clearer than your teachers, considering they speak your language.

Best Exam tips
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4. Divide your time according to the syllabus

If you think you can cover four chapters in 4 hours before your exam, DON’T!
Not only is it a dangerous habit to have, but also you will not wholly grasp it all in speed reading. Even if you think you need just 1 hour for one chapter, assign 5 hours for it.

  • Read the chapter once,
  • Make notes,
  • See if you understand it all in your own words.
  • Then, take a break, and
  • Go through it again.

Speed reading only helps when you understand the topic entirely and just want to revise.

Best exam tips
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5. The Right Study Breaks!

Not the kind where you take a 10-hour break to binge-watch a Netflix show and study for 5 minutes! Take the right amount of study breaks. The right duration is where the break is long enough for you to feel freshened but short enough that you do not forget what you learned before the break.

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If you want to know how to ace a test without studying, spoiler alert, there is no such way. But if you want to know how to study for an inspection and remember, these exam tips and tricks will be enough for you to ace the test.

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