5 Best Courses For Engineering On Coursera
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Educational is one of the most vital parts of our lives. It is attained throughout one’s life, but its basis is established in childhood. There was a time when fractions were a student’s nightmare. Then when fractions seemed simpler, derivation shocked and dazzled! Eventually, the math gets more complex, but there is always a working principle behind it.

That principle needs to be understood actually to see the math clearer. With how the year 2020 has been, you can also benefit from taking online courses. So, here we have a list of some beneficial Coursera Engineering courses. They are not specific to a kind of Engineering; rather, they envelop many fields.

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1. Solar Energy

This is a highly emerging field. It came out many years ago when humans wished to use the sun for energy. Over time, many developments were made. Solar energy is used to power systems on a megawatt-scale. Solar Panels generate energy to convert to usable energy in home appliances and systems too.

The Coursera course on Solar Energy offers an introduction and a slight depth analysis. It explains the parameters involved in the Solar process as well as the panel details.

2. Introduction To Python:

This is a programming course. It offers an introduction and project completion in a critical language. This is because Python has a wide application in the real world. Python can utilize a lot of work on Image Processing. You can simulate programs for Self Driving vehicles in Python.

It is also said that no one can ever completely learn Python. It is that people only use the parts of it that they require. Check out this particular course! An engineer should have a know-how of programming languages other than C++ and Matlab.

3. Wind Energy

This is yet another emerging form of energy Generation. Throughout interior Sindh, Windmills have been placed for generating energy. They require an area with constant access to wind. The world is moving towards renewable solutions. This means that fields like Solar and Wind power are going to go through a boom!

The course teaches a wide variety of things. It starts with basic wind-related parameters and statistics. Additionally, you get to learn measures like propellor size, machine rating, and installation angles.

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4. Astronomy:

Is there anyone out there not interested in space? Elon Musk is leading an entire exploration expedition in space. They intend to send a one way trip to Mars for colonization! Famous figures like Stephen Hawking and Neil Degrass have spent their lives studying phenomena in space. One can never run out of things to learn about in space.

Similarly, this being an 11-week course, still only scratches the surface. However, it gets you familiar with a lot of terms and figures used in aerospace engineering. It does not dive into math, but it also explores theories and concepts put forward by past scientists. Check out this Coursera course!

5. Introduction To Self Driving Cars:

Now, this is a special course for those willing to pursue this field. It encompasses the entirety of how self-driving cars work. They don’t dive entirely into the details, but they do provide you with a working understanding. Self-driving cars will become a thing soon. It will be more common than public transport. Tesla is currently working on them too.

This course explores different angles and offers you an easy learning curve. Check the Coursera course out if you’re into self-driving technology. It is also recommended that you learn about AI and Machine Learning while you do this.

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These complete just a handful of the best courses. Check these out, and you may find that they are definitely worth your time.

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