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We want everything branded, but their price markers are always touching skies. So we wait for sales. Be it the summer clearance, winter clearance, independence day, or any other similar sales festival. But the best one by far is the blessed Friday sale. Now this one has a whole story behind it.

So the blessed Friday sale started a few years ago with the Black Friday Sale, a concept of the West. This obviously raised some eyebrows here in the country at the idea of it being from the west and not at the sale. So the sale changed face. It became blessed rather than black. With an acceptable name, the blessed Friday sale festival attracts many Pakistanis because we love to start a weekend with shopping. So let’s see what’s cooking this Friday.

1. Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz, a major clothing brand, has a sale on its products. The percentage goes as high as 60%. We can definitely expect videos later today of women falling ‘head over heels’ for clothes in the ‘great Friday sales’.

sana safinaz
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2. Daraz

We just witnessed a grand Daraz festival, the 11.11 festival. It was a good festival with a sale on significant brands and competitions and games, and fun-filled lucky draws. Daraz is returning with the blessed Friday sale, and this time the price will be up to 60% off.

3. Gul Ahmed

Now, this should be at number 1, really. With up to 70% off, they should win the race for sales. But how many customers will win the race to their stores and get what they want is a question best left unanswered until the sale ends?

4. Cougar

With mostly western stylish clothing, Cougar has announced a flat 30% discount. Personally, I always like a flat deal the most because the discounts where brands say ‘up to’, one is unsure of which product will actually have a higher discount.

blessed friday
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5. Sapphire

This winter, Sapphire had a fantastic collection. And they have announced a flat 25% off on their products. So if it accounts for their winter collection, I will probably be the first one through their doors.

But let’s not forget that COVID is rampant these days, so it is better to do shopping through online platforms. Exercise all preventive measures against COVID, including wearing masks the right way and exercising social distancing. Last but not least, Happy Sales!

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