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Travelling has become really problematic, and even dangerous, in today’s time. You never know who you are interacting with is a virus career or not. But what’s worse is that some people can’t afford to care about that since their and their family’s sustenance depends on them going out to work. With all these problems, if one knows how safe or dangerous their residences are, they would be able to take appropriate measures. Bloomberg has identified a list of best and worst places that one could be living in.

Below are the five best places in the world during covid times.


Best places

1. New Zealand

New Zealand has been very strict with its border control. And its people knew to follow the rules strictly when they were imposed. So now they rank as the best place in the whole world.

2. Taiwan

Taiwan went up in the race as other places went down due to the increasingly cold temperatures of winter.

Image Source: Anadolu agency

3. Australia

Australia has also been very effective in the following protocol, which has enabled it to stay as the 3rd best place.

4. Norway

If its mountains were already not pretty enough, the country has also handled the covid issue better than most.

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5. Singapore

Singapore is the last on the list, but given that the entire list comprises of 53 countries, number 5 is not that bad of a number.

Worst Places

Now, it’s time to list down the worst places. If you live here, then, well, tough luck. The list is in descending order, with number 1 the least worst and number 5 the most.

1. Italy

Seeing as Italy was the worst hit in the first wave, it is only expected that they are still trying to understand what happened to them.

Image Source: Anadolu agency

2. Greece

Considering it is the place travel fanatics want to visit the most, the fact that it is included in the list is just sad.

3. Peru

Bloomberg places Peru as the 3rd worst place to be in during the COVID era.

4. Argentina 

Argentina ranks 4th in the list, which means that it’s just slightly better than Mexico. Stay safe in your houses, please.

Image Source: Forbes

5. Mexico

Sharing borders with the US, Mexico ranks last on the Bloomberg Index. Living there must be frightening with regard to COVID-19.

Another interesting fact is that Pakistan ranks 29th on the list. And according to its track record in handling the issue of covid, it has gone down two places. But it does rank ten places higher than India.

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