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Snacks, refreshments, whatever you want to call it, they mean a lot to us, don’t they? It’s hard not to eat anything in the time between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner. I mean, it’s hours before we can have the next food. So obviously, we need something heavy enough that our slight hunger is satisfied. But it should be light enough that we do not skip our next meal. So the best kind of refreshment to snack on are bakery snacks.

Now, bakery snacks are an essential phenomenon. Since now you can find bakeries in almost every street of Karachi, they have become more of a cultural thing. So whenever you feel like munching on something, you make a route to the nearest bakery. And no matter how much you love other junk foods, they are never able to match up to the bakery snacks level. Here are some of the bakery snacks that you might just eat every day or twice a week, but you never get bored of them.

1. Samosa

No matter how oily they are, the crispy part of the samosa, and the spice, bakery gets it right in every batch. And if you have the green chutney to eat it with, well, you feel like at the top of the world.

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2. Namak Parey

For every dish, you know what it tastes like. And that’s why you love it. For instance, desserts are sweet, and you love them. Biryani is spicy. You love that too. Namak Parey, however, is a snack you cannot decipher its taste, not really. They are not sweet, they are not salty, and they are not bitter or spicy. But eating them with your chai, there is no greater pleasure than that.

3. The bakery biscuits

More than its taste, it’s the looks of the biscuits that are more intriguing and fascinating. Every batch is different and is, honestly, a work of art.

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4. Top pops

Even though it was a brand that was called top pops, it got so popular that when bakeries started selling it, their product also got named that. But if you are going for top pops, it’s better to go with the masala flavor (friendly advice from someone who eats them every other day).

5. Bakarkhani

Sweet, with sugar literally covering its top, bakarkhani tastes the best when dunked and crushed in your tea.

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Do you agree with our listicle, or do you have some more snacks to add? If you want to add more, let us know in the comments.

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