5 Annoying Accessories People Install On Cars In Karachi

HID lights and other accessories for cars
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Where there is population, there is an enormous amount of traffic present, let’s take . Between the traffic, people are often encountered by bothersome accessories that people have installed on their cars.

These accessories can cause quite an annoyance to people around them, whether the people are walking on the side or driving ahead. What is most bothersome about these accessories is that they are not a necessity and are simply present to cause chaos on the road.

1. Too Many Headlight Accessories

A lot of drivers in Karachi tend to install high-definition lights in their cars. Its alright to have bright lights in a car but it is also important to adjust their angle. These lights should not be making people feel blind when they are being shone all over the road. Similarly, people install bonnet pod lights that also cause a nuisance to drivers around them.

hid lights on cars
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2. Loud Horns

It can be understood if a loud horn is present on a big truck since they require loud horns to make their presence known. However, using loud horns on sedans or motorcycles just becomes a form of bother for many people. Like, some people seem to be in such a hurry that we won’t stop using their horns. It takes a moment to move the car to the side to give way, but these people seem to think the car is expected to fly away.

Horns and loud cars
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3. Exhaust Accessories

When people get exhaust alterations done by amateurs here, the exhaust noise worsens. There is a proper method to alter exhausts and a lot of these sounds can be fun to hear. However, there are people present who take the shortcut to exhaust accessories and end up with a loud and bothersome car noise.

car exhaust and loud
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4. Excessive Window Tinting

Everyone loves to tint their windows but excessive tinting can be bothersome for people driving on the road. When a car is heavily tinted, it is harder to look outside the windows as well, as compared to lower tints. Thus, people with heavily tinted windows often miss out on cars that are coming up behind them or next to them. This lack of attention can cause accidents.

window tints and other accessories
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5. Ill-Placed Subwoofers

Yes, it can be fun to have a huge speaker in the back of the car. However, if the trunk space is less and the speaker size is large, it can become quite a bother. Instead of a good sound being emitted from the car, it turns into this broken record that stings a person’s ear.

speakers in car and other parts
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While many accessories are not bothersome, consideration should still be kept when getting an alteration done that requires a professional or has no practical application.

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