Android 12 features for people
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With the technological era taking a turn for the better, many new things are appearing. Where we used to think about Android 10, now Android 12 is making its entry. A lot of people have been looking forward to this and many have not been disappointed.

Here are some of the features we know that you will simply love! They range from a variety and they are sure to grab your attention. Android is certainly making huge bounds forward and they want to make sure you don’t lag. So, what features are a part of Android 12? Let us find out!

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1. The Privacy Dashboard

Android has really stepped things up when it comes to the new dashboard. This can allow you to see which apps are using what kind of private data and whether they need to be restricted or not. You can even check when an app has used your location and whether it was done in the background or not.

Additionally, a new indicator has been added to the top menu bar. It shows an icon when an application is using or requesting to use your location. This feature shows that they have really opened up about privacy now.

2. Custom Colour Themes

This feature can be specifically seen in pixel phones. If you own one that can go to android 12, you have many customisation options. You can now select from a range of colour themes as well as redesigned widgets. These have been made to suit your usage and ease of access. All of the themes are quite interesting.

If you have a Pixel phone, we urge you to check out these themes as well as widgets. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed at all!

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3. The Double Tap

No, we are not referring to the sequel of ‘Zombieland’ here. We are talking about a whole new feature in Android 12. This one is called ‘Double Tap’ and it can be turned on from the settings. Now you can trigger a bunch of actions from a list of usable taps. This includes taking a screenshot, playing, and pausing media as well as launching Google Assistant.

This is yet another highly useful feature that is going to be accessed by many people. It makes navigation and usage a whole lot easier and convenient.

4. One-Handed Mode:

This will make it extremely easier for users to navigate using one hand. Yes, after turning this ON, they can easily go through their phone with one hand. Whatever is at the top of the screen will be pulled down within reach and will be easier to navigate.

This is yet another Android 12 feature that has a lot of people in its support. When many people will have access to android 12, they can give more feedbacks on why this feature can be useful.

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5. Notifications

There has been a slight alteration to the notification panel. It may not look like much but it is certainly a step towards the future of notification panels. In a light theme, the panel itself gives off a light-blue tint. This is different from before and even gives off a pleasant vibe.

This is merely a hint towards the kind of interface we can expect from android devices in the future.

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