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In this age and era of fast moving events, we must keep track. Without knowing where we are or what we are doing, we are lost! So, to keep time in touch, here are some affordable smartwatch brands one can opt for!

1. realme:

We cannot mention smartwatch and not talk about realme. The company has managed to establish itself as one big titan. This titan stands tall in the budget industry. The writer of this article’s friends are all realme users. They claim that it is one of the best brands one can go for in a budget.

With products like the realme band, there is no doubt that the smartwatches are reliable. They are guaranteed to last you a long while and even provide you with a plethora of features. From heart rate monitor to calorie tracker, a realme smartwatch has it all. Check them out if your price range is up till Rs. 5,000.

2. Xiaomi:

This is yet another titan in the industry. They are as good as people often claim them to be. Not only do they release respectable smartphones but good smartwatches too. The Xiaomi brand holds a lot of other brands under it’s belt. Imilab is one that is an impressive one. It’s watches are available in quite a lot of features, including bluetooth functions. Then there is also the Xiaomi Amazfit watches.

The Amazfit watches have some robust quality ones, which are sure to survive quite a lot of drops. You cannot think of a battery running out fast when Amazfit is around. It’s T-Rex model is the equivalent of a G-shock.

3. Haylou:

If you are looking for extremely long battery life in a budget, this brand is for you. It can come as a shock to know how long the Haylou solar can last on standby. It can go up to and beyond 20 days! That is nearly a month of battery life. On usage, it can give about 10-15 days. If that is not impressive, what is?

The Haylou sports smartwatch has a total of more than 9 sports modes. This is quite an interesting and useful feature for sports enthusiasts. A lot of your initial time will just be spent checking out the various features of the smartwatch itself. For ranges starting at Rs.2,700, this is an affordable brand.

4. Huawei:

Huawei came on the map a while ago with their smartphones. Now they have dipped a little bit into the smartwatch industry too. If you have heard of Honor phones, be prepared to hear about Honor watches. Not only are they highly affordable for a smart device, but it gives you premium quality features too!

Check out their various Honor models and other watches online. You are sure to not be disappointed when you dive into the world of Huawei.

5. Lenovo:

Now, this is a brand which came up quite quietly during the pandemic era. We are not talking about their laptops because those have been around for quite a while. It can be a bit tricky to look for Lenovo smartwatch models, but it is possible. With some effort, you may bump upon some underrated but well established ones.

These brands are not only highly affordable but efficient too. They are definitely worth an investment, if going for the budget range.

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