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You’d think that by the year 2020, most of the large companies would have figured out which advertising strategies work and which would fail miserably. People have been selling to each other for thousands of years by now. However, there are a lot of advertising mistakes that companies are making that often lead to a loss of clients, fewer sales, and a tarnished brand reputation.

When the top brands fail in their advertising tactics, it is a learning opportunity for the rest of the industry. Small mistakes like over advertising, awkward logos, and commercials that are an epic fail are just some of the handful of mistakes that brands make.

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Here are 5 Advertising Mistakes that businesses should avoid:

  1. Overdoing the Ads

Remember watching the same advertisement being played after every 5 minutes during cricket matches? By the end of the tournament, people end up hating the brand! Use your money to create very few but invest in an excellent creative agency that will come up with an intelligent and witty copy to sell your product.

2. Not Identifying the Target Audience

Advertising to everyone is a big no-no as it is a waste of time and money to throw out a campaign to the masses without creating a target. Not everyone would want to use your product or service.

The same applies to your marketing. You need to know just who to aim it at. It is essential to analyze the demographics, hold focus groups, and work on these results.
Use a laser focus to get them. Once you have established sales to this smaller audience, word of mouth will spread.
3. Avoid Borrowed Interest

Businesses must try to avoid associating themselves with things that have no relevance to them. Jumping on an ongoing trend may not always work for your business and may not get people’s attention.

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4. The Message Should Not be “Me, Me & Me”

People do not care about how good your product is, and they do not want more selling messages. Potential customers want to know what is in it for them. How would your product benefit them and give them satisfaction if they are not interested in it?

Make your message about them. Use ‘you’ and ‘your’ in your pitches. Focus on their needs, and they will buy if you have a way to address them.

5. Selecting the wrong medium for your campaign

When creating a marketing campaign, you have to think carefully about how you want your message to be delivered to your audience. The smallest mistake can damage the brand significantly. With everything going viral on social media, people are quick to express their positive and negative opinions without any reservations! So, if your campaign was sending the wrong message, people will have no mercy over twitter.
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