sleep deprived
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When you are tired, there are things that you should avoid. Doing important office work or financial related work is as big a NO as driving is in that situation. However, there are some other smaller activities that you should beware because they can have bad consequences for you. The following are five don’ts for when you are tired or sleep-deprived.

1. Don’t exercise full force

Exercising with full force is a bad idea. When you are already tired, but you think you should do your entire routine, it’s not helpful. And full force exercise can include a run around the neighborhood or climbing stairs. A trainer suggests that when you are tired, it is better to focus on light cardio. The justification is that full force exercise would be a waste of time because you will not have the energy to complete the routine. Moreover, there is a higher probability of injuring yourself when you are tired because you will not be focussed on your body entirely. So don’t exercise full force.

Do’s: Try walking, elliptical, or biking.

2. Don’t pick a fight 

Be it an interaction with a colleague, a friend, or a partner, a mild issue can become a heated argument, and you will face escalated consequences. A study by Harvard Medical suggests that when one is sleep deprived, it is harder to control emotions. Another research suggests that sleep-deprived individuals cannot accurately read others’ feelings as well. So basically, the brain is not able to process the individual’s emotions as well as the opponents.

Do’s: fight when fully awake! Okay, maybe not fight but process life issues when you are fully awake.

sleep deprived
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3. Don’t take a nap

The famous expression goes like, ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’ This expression has truth to it. So if you are exhausted, and you decide to nap, the chances are that you will fall asleep instead of napping, and that would have adverse effects on your night sleep, which is very important for you. So AVOID napping

Do’s: If you have to nap, then do it the right way. The right duration of nap is 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

4. Don’t consume caffeine

Work is hard, and you feel like caffeine is your only best friend. But that is not the case. You think that your headaches will go away and you will feel refreshed by drinking coffee. However, that is only the adrenaline rush. Once that wears off, you will feel sluggish. And not just that, the caffeine in your system will also affect your night sleep.

Do’s: stop consuming caffeine after 1 p.m. Sap it with a natural energy boost such as a walk, an apple, or a glass of water.

5. Don’t use social media

If it’s not the time for night sleep, and you think you could spend that time scrolling through social media, reject that idea. There are two reasons for that. First of all, the light-emitting from your phone hurts your sleep cycle. And secondly, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram gets addictive, and you might lose the sense of time and spend hours on social media instead of minutes.

Do’s: Read a book.

sleep deprived
Image Source: Healthline

These five don’ts are simple tools to ensure a healthy life, but the best among all will be to not compromise on your routine that will lead you towards becoming sleep deprived.

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