Putting up an advertisement on OLX is not a tedious task but it does not always reach the top of the list. At times, our ad can get lost in the sea of many other ads and we are left without anyone reaching out to us. In order to make sure our ad performs well on the site, there are a couple of rules we can follow. These rules will surely catch the user’s eye for the advertisement we are putting up.

We must also urge you to never share your personal contact information over OLX. The buyers can contact you through the platform’s dedicated chat, and if you are interested in selling to them, then you can reveal your contact information.

1. Take Clear Pictures for OLX

It is highly important for you to make sure all pictures for the advertisement are crystal clear. People find it safer to purchase something when there are clear pictures of what you are trying to sell. If you put up one blurry or off-angle picture, people will think you picked it up from the internet and are trying to scam them. Make your product clear in the pictures and the users will contact you.

taking clear pictures for olx
Image Source: countrybrookdesign.com

2. Keep The Description Well-Structured

Underneath each advertisement on OLX is a description of the product. Make sure to keep the description in well-structured paragraphs. It is easier for a user to read information put in multiple paragraphs rather than all in one paragraph. This way, you can start with an introduction of the product in the first one, go into the details in the second one, and conclude in the third one.

3. Take Multiple Pictures for OLX

While it is important to take crystal clear pictures for an advertisement, it is also important to take multiple ones. If you are selling furniture, make sure to capture it from multiple angles, no matter the defects or the damages on it. The user should be allowed to see your product from all perspectives and then decide if they want to contact you. A lot of times, people post single pictures, then the buyers find defects after they physically visit the product. It is always recommended to be honest with your selling.

multiple pictures for ad post
Image Source: oberlo.com

4. Posting at the Right Time

It is also important to note the time when you put up the advertisement if you are trying to sell something urgently. Putting up an advertisement after dusk or before the weekend can give you quite a lot of responses. This is because buyers tend to check for listings when they are free, which is usually after office or on weekends.

All these practices are sure to make your ad shine out among the rest on OLX.

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