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If you are a travel freak and your partner is not, well, your life may not be as a bed of roses as you might want it to be. But if your life partner can also become your travel partner, your whole life will be suitcases soaked in the smells of new places.

There is a con to it too. When you are traveling, that’s when you get to know a person truly. This is why many couples break up right after or during their travel trip.

How about I give you a few tips that will ensure you have the best time with your travel/life partner?

1. Destination is important 

There will be a list of places you are interested in, and you want to visit at a moment’s notice. But remember, your partner will also have a list. So put the two lists together, and you will be able to figure out the common elements. Start from them. Of course, later on, as you begin to develop a more robust understanding with each other, you can take him/her to the destinations you want to visit and vice versa.

Here is a sub-tip. If you can’t find a specific destination country in your list, choose one of them from either your or your partner’s list and start delving further into it. So, for instance, look up cities and attraction points within that country. If you find one country with a city that attracts your partner and another city that attracts you, that country is it.

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2. Plan thoroughly

Plan away. Once you have the destination in your mind, it’s time to plan. And if it’s your first trip, you need even more heavy planning. It’s important because it helps avoid misunderstanding with your partner. And discuss with your partner all those aspects of planning. To get you started, we have some points that you can initiate the discussion with. They are:

– budget
– activities
– cities or nature

3. Budget of the lower-income partner is important 

High income and low income don’t usually matter. However, when you are traveling, it matters a lot. If one partner can only afford a hostel, they may feel overwhelmed by the higher-earning ones opting for 4-star hotels and expensive food.

One can insist on paying for the other but remember that it may hurt the partner’s self-esteem. So if you want to help, do it quietly. AND NEVER REFER TO IT EVER AGAIN!

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4. A Daily Budget

Prepare a daily budget. When you are traveling, you have money, so you spend lavishly in the beginning, and then 2,3 days down, you are out of money. Considering money almost always can lead to arguments, so it’s better to limit the chances of fights on a trip. Also, people have this tendency to walk away after a row, which further deepens the grudge, so if you don’t want to break up, it’s better to keep a budget for every day.

These are a few tips that you can follow if you are traveling with your partner. And if you have some more to add, let us know, and we will add it to the list.

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