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If you are an avid driver, you must be accustomed to doing certain things on the road, following certain unspoken rules or traditions. These traditions and rules can be understood by drivers all over the world. It is like a form of healthy communication between drivers because they are able to understand without saying a single word.

That said, let us take a look at these unspoken rules that are followed by drivers all over the world. You might even have seen some of these rules being followed in Karachi, since a lot of avid drivers here are passionate ones who love cars.

1. The Drivers Head Nod

Often times, when drivers give way to one another, they signal their gratitude by a head nod or a small wave. This nod is a worldwide recognized gesture and can be understood by any driver anywhere. It also stands a sign of respect for letting the other driver pass.

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2. Pressing Your Blinkers Thrice

If you have been driving with a car on a long road for quite a while, a silence bond develops between the two. You might give way to the other car or they might give way to you and they might drive behind or ahead of you as a convoy. Once it is time to part ways, pressing your blinkers thrice means ‘Thank you and May we meet again’. It is also a gesture recognized by drivers all over the world.

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3. Merge And Let Merge

It is important to understand that cars might be speeding quite fast when they are merging. Thus, merging can be dangerous, especially on the motorway. If the car that is merging is ahead of you, it is polite and good practice to let them move ahead and merge fast. Similarly, if you are ahead, you might see it as an unspoken rule that the car behind will let you merge without worry.

merging lanes and giving way to drivers
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4. Respect The Elderly Drivers

Often times, we can come across elderly people driving on the road. They can be seen driving at a slower pace and that is considered alright. It is an unspoken rule of the road worldwide to not put any pressure on elderly drivers. Do not honk at them and don’t force them to push lanes, because they are trying their best to drive.

elderly driving on the road and giving way
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These are just some of the things that are unspoken for drivers everywhere.

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